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Zara Realty Holding Corporation is a New York-based real estate management firm that offers a variety of rental properties in the Queens and Long Island areas. With listings that include apartments, condominiums, and standalone houses, the company is well equipped to handle every need for high-quality–and yet affordable–residential options east of Manhattan.

Zara Realty ( is a proudly family-owned and family-operated business. In its more than 30 years in the industry, the company has grown into the premier real estate provider on the East Coast, with a clientele that spans across New York. With its exemplary track record of renovating older buildings and converting them into modern residential units, Zara has served as a force for positive transformation in the community.

Zara Realty is headed by company president George Subraj. Also part of the management team is senior vice-president Tony Subraj, and executive vice-presidents Jay Sobhraj and Ken Subraj. Together, this close-knit family group works to ensure the delivery of a wide range of real estate services that reflect the company’s focus on quality and perfection.

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Zara Realty was founded in 1981 with the goal of providing the market with a wide range of residential options that deliver quality and outstanding value. Starting out with a fairly modest portfolio centered on the Queens and Long Island areas, the company gradually expanded its holdings to include a range of properties all over the east of Manhattan. Nowadays, most of the company’s holdings are located within a few minutes of the Grand Central Parkway, with shopping and public readily available nearby.

Zara Realty has embarked on a number of high profile acquisitions over the years, all of which have served to greatly expand its holdings. In February 2012, the company acquired a highly valued portfolio in Queens, consisting of five apartment buildings. Purchased from real estate giant Urban American, the properties had an appraised total value of $39 million.

The Queens apartments were considered ideal additions to the Zara Realty portfolio mainly due to their location. Ken Subraj, who oversaw the details of the deal, also said that the similarity of the apartments with the company’s existing holdings was an important factor in convincing the firm to make the investment.

Ad Colligenda Bona

In June 2016, Queens was once again the site of a new investment by Zara Realty. The transaction involved the purchase of a six building, 96-unit multifamily portfolio. With a combined floor area of over 42,500 square feet, the four-story walkups were purchased at a price of $21.5 million.

At the time of the acquisition, Zara Realty had already built up a sizable portfolio consisting of more than 2,000 units. The company was represented in the Queens deal by GFI Realty, whose principal Yosef Katz was especially optimistic about the arrangement. “All the units are fairly large,” said Yosef. “(Tenants) will be able to convert them and add from one to two new bedrooms if they wish.”

The majority of rental properties offered by Zara Realty are strategically located close to modern amenities and public utilities. Convenient access to schools, hospitals, shopping malls, and leisure and entertainment centers ensure a comfortable way of life, with everything located within a short distance away. With an extensive network of public transportation readily available and the Grand Central Parkway, the Long Island Expressway, and the Van Wyck Expressway nearby, Zara Realty’s rental properties offer a feasible option for families and individuals in need of quality residential units in the area.


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President George Subraj and the rest of the Zara Realty leadership team shares the same commitment to quality rental properties and outstanding value to the customer. This commitment has been the earmark of every aspect of the company’s operations ever since it was founded, and it continues to inform the company’s every transaction and every activity to this very day. Ensuring that customers enjoy a satisfactory living arrangement every step of the way, Zara Realty places the same focus on the rental process as it does on the features of the building and on maintenance and security. With its professionalism, dedication, and sheer attention to detail, Zara Realty works to ensure the highest quality of residential options possible.

In addition to providing the public with high-quality, high-value residential options, Zara Realty serves the community in numerous other ways as well. The company regularly contributes time, resources, and support to charitable organizations and initiatives such as Toys for Tots and Long Island Cares, among others. In October 2011, Zara president George Subraj was presented a Medal of Service by no less than President Bharrat Jagdeo of Guyana for Mr. Subraj’s professionalism excellence and performance above and beyond the call of duty. The award was presented at the National Investiture Ceremony at the Guyana National Culture in Georgetown.

George was also the recipient of a plaque of recognition for his philanthropic and partnership services roles with the Organ Transplant Department of the United States Army and Navy at the Bethseda Medical Center in Washington DC. The award was given in April 2012.

In 2013, George Subraj was honored with the Community Service Award by the Global People of Indian Origin (GOPIO) committee. By October 2014, George once again made headlines in Guyana, this time for his efforts in helping develop the country into an I.T. hub for the region. By contributing state-of-the-art technology and resources, the Zara Group of Companies has played a crucial role in helping bring Guyana to its next phase of technological development, with individuals at the community level now provided with the opportunity to browse the worldwide web and read books simultaneously.

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Zara Realty and the rest of the Zara team have made a number of significant contributions more recently as well, both in Guyana and closer to home. In December 2015, the company granted the Guyana Criminal Investigation Department (CID) with a computer system consisting of eight desktop units, a server, and several routers. With this contribution, the CID now has the ability to identify every criminal folder input into the system instantly.