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In Propria Persona

Victor C. Yee has brought positive changes to many people’s lives.  As an academic advisor and instructor at the University of Arizona, Victor has had the opportunity to interact with hundreds of students, offering his insights and preparing them for their academic and professional careers.  Victor is currently the Leadership and Engagement Coordinator for the Eller College of Management, overseeing dozens of student organizations and heading up the Eller Emerging Leaders Living Learning Community.

Victor earned a Bachelor of Arts in History and Economics from the University of Arizona in 2012.  He followed that up with a Master of Education degree from UA in 2013.  This degree was helped made possible by the Teach Arizona program.  Prior to assuming his role as an academic advisor, Victor spent time teaching a variety of subjects, including history, economics, and mathematics.   He also found the time to engage in coaching for chess and basketball.

A Priori

Growing up in Tuscon, Victor Yee was a fervent participant in school activities.  At Catalina Foothills High School, Victor was part of the four-time AIA State Team Champion Chess Team.  He was also pivotal in helping the team to win three championships at the United States Chess Federation Nationals.  Victor was also an honors student and played with the school’s basketball team.

Victor returned to his alma mater at Catalina Foothills to coach the freshmen and junior varsity basketball teams.  There, he prepared his charges for play in the varsity program, and also traveled with the team for player development and competition throughout the Southwest.

From this foundation of excellence in his academic and sporting life, Victor went to the University of Arizona, where he earned both his undergraduate and graduate degrees.

For many years, Victor Yee has contracted with the Arizona Chess For Schools program.  With his vast experience in the competitive chess circuit, Victor brings advanced strategy and instruction for elementary school students.  His students have performed excellently, and one of his private students went on to win an Arizona state championship.

Ad Colligenda Bona

At the University of Arizona’s Eller College of Management, Victor Yee facilitates the school’s participation in the Arizona 100% Engagement Initiative – a program designed to create workforce-ready students that go far beyond resume preparation.  This program pairs students with career-oriented experiences and gives them exposure to potential employers, allowing them hands-on time in their chosen career path.

Victor’s vast knowledge of the education system and his teaching experience give him the tools to connect with students in innovative ways.  By preparing students for real-world careers, he helps to empower them, ensuring their success in post-graduate work endeavors.

In addition, Victor’s work as an academic advisor has given him the tools to assist pre-business students with admission to the University’s professional business programs.  He is directly involved with the school’s Emerging Leaders Community, a residence-hall based immersion program that pairs students with like-minded individuals, fostering teamwork and leadership while engaging in professional development events.  Victor serves as a facilitator and mentor with this program, making connections with his students like no other.

Ex Fida Bona

Victor Yee continues to work with students at the University of Arizona.  Early on in his academic career, Victor realized how important it is to develop relationships with his peers, both personally and professionally.  These relationships, as well as his experience in teaching and in mentoring, give Victor a unique set of skills he can share with his students and academic advisees.  With his background in coaching, he has developed methods to empower his students, helping them to achieve greatness on their own while honing professional skills that will serve them for a lifetime.

Ex Post

Victor Yee’s involvement with the Federation of Eller Student Organizations (FESO) is also worth mentioning.  Victor is the facilitator for over 30 programs in this federation, giving students the opportunity to engage in:

  • Community activities
  • Professional development programs
  • Leadership workshops
  • Philanthropic works

Again, his mentoring and coaching skills have prepared Victor to assist others in achieving the best from themselves and from their teams.  Fostering interpersonal relationships and garnering real-world experience prepare students in the FESO group to make a place for themselves in the professional business world.