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Unequal Technologies offers military-grade protection

UNEQUAL Technologies is a product category leader in protective bodywear and headgear applications.  Their products were originally developed to help protect soldiers and law enforcement agents from bullet wounds and impact injuries. The products are designed around the company’s unique and innovative UNEQUAL composite material, a multi-layer technology that works by dispersing impact energy.


The composite material and the protective gear have been tested in battle and by many accredited laboratories and university science programs across the country.  The company holds over 85 U.S. and international patents for the composite material and the protective gear products manufactured using the technology.  One of the brand’s earlier products, a thin and lightweight bullet resistant vest, was successfully tested under the stringent protocols used by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ).  This organization establishes the national guidelines and standards for bullet-resistant vests and armor.  UNEQUAL quickly adapted the composite for use in sports applications, and found many professional and amateur athletes who value the effective, lightweight protection the company’s gear provides.

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UNEQUAL Technologies was established by Pennsylvania native Robert Vito.  Rob served as an adjunct professor at the Penn State Great Valley campus, where he taught entrepreneurship and business accounting coursework.  Challenged by a student who was curious to see if bulletproof body armor could be made lighter and more flexible, Rob began his journey of discovery.


Over ten years of dedicated research and $10 million in funding led to the revolutionary UNEQUAL multi-layer composite material, first used in military and law enforcement applications and proven on the world’s battlefields.

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From the company’s first bullet-resistant vests and body armor for the military, they’ve expanded the product range for the sports world.  From chest protectors used in baseball and hockey to protective shirts worn under jerseys, insoles for shoes, and headgear, the company has protective gear for just about any sport one could imagine.  Their products can be found on professionals in the NFL, NHL, and Major League Baseball, not to mention the thousands of collegiate and amateur athletes who rely on the revolutionary gear to help reduce impact injuries and the pain associated with them.


The company is always looking for new ways to apply their composite technology expertise to the sporting world.  In the past couple of years, there has been a lot of concern about the damage head injuries can cause, particularly in the long-term effects of concussions.  These types of injuries are unfortunately quite common in impact and action sports.  UNEQUAL’s shock-blocking composite technology shows promise in reducing injuries associated with head collisions, and the company will continue to develop protective head and body gear for a variety of sports applications.

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The products made by UNEQUAL Technologies and the company itself have been recognized by many news media outlets and professional trade groups. They have won several awards for their innovative composite and the protective products developed from it.  UNEQUAL was honored to be recognized by Forbes as one of the magazine’s 100 Most Promising Companies.  Working closely with DuPont in a collaborative relationship, the manufacturing giant presented UNEQUAL with its Kevlar® Innovation Award in 2012.  In 2013, Esquire, ESPN, and Inc. Magazine all listed the company and its products as some of the most innovative sports technology developments of the year.  Composites Manufacturing, a prestigious industry publication, called the company “The Industry’s Best” in 2013 as well.  The magazine did a profile of the company and products, showcasing the protective gear’s growth from initial military development and its transition into sporting applications.

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UNEQUAL will continue to explore new developments in protective gear for sports applications and military/law enforcement use.  As the company penetrates the professional sports world with adoption of their protective body and head gear, other athletes will use the products to help protect against injury caused by impact.  UNEQUAL been contacted by athletes in Major League Baseball and the National Hockey League, as well as by extreme athletes competing in action sports categories like the X Games.

Amateur and collegiate athletes from a wide variety of sporting disciplines have discovered the brand’s innovative impact protection products.  One can find their gear being used in lacrosse, soccer, football, and other contact sports.  Other outdoor enthusiasts looking for impact protection can use the lightweight, affordable, and customizable protective gear.

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Information on UNEQUAL and their products can be found on news outlets and in industry and business publications around the country.  The company’s own website provides links to several news articles and company profiles.  Other news media companies have profiled the company and its range of protective products.


UNEQUAL is active on social media outlets.  These platforms allow the company to connect directly with athletes and others who want to learn more about the products and protection.  Thousands of fans flock to the company’s Facebook page.  On their Twitter feed, the company gives information about new products, shares links of athletes using the protective gear in action, and provides promotional pricing and special offers for their followers.  On Instagram, fans can find photos and short videos showcasing the protective gear and some of the athletes who use it to remain injury-free.   Finally, the company’s profile and basic employment details can be found on the popular LinkedIn platform.