Thomas Carnevale

Thomas Carnevale Security expert

Tom Carnevale is the founder & CEO of the premier IP Megapixel Surveillance company, Sentry360.

In Propria Persona

Noted security technology expert Thomas Carnevale wears many hats.  As a consultant, he advises companies on security and surveillance strategies, both commercial and governmental.  As an entrepreneur, Thomas has established several successful start-ups.  Currently, Tom Carnevale is the Chairman, Founder, and CEO of Sentry 360 , a leading manufacturing powerhouse in the video surveillance technology and software management systems industries.  Some of Tom’s company clients include:

  • W Hotels
  • Chicago Transit Authority (CTA)
  • Des Plains Public Works

Tom Carenevale is an in-demand speaker and consultant, appearing at industry tradeshows, conferences, and seminars throughout the United States.  His work in the field of video surveillance has earned his company several important recognitions.  Tom’s company develops and produces unique security solutions, offering a range of surveillance cameras, video management systems, and server/network Network Video Recorder (NVR) switches.

His consulting work has led him to partner with a number of high-profile clients who are seeking ways to manage their office and workplace security needs.  Tom’s long history in the field and his innovative design and manufacturing background has helped him become sought after by companies large and small.

A Priori

Thomas Carnevale got his start in the telecommunications industry.  Here, he developed the technical expertise and his interest in digital security solutions.  In the vein of classic tech start-ups, Tom established his very first digital security company, JCS Digital Security Systems, in his father’s basement in the Chicago suburbs.  His goal was to bring together the best surveillance technologies of the day and to integrate them into solid, reliable systems that companies could trust.

This experience gave Tom the technical acumen and business-operating skills to take his ideas further.  He established Sentry 360 in 2004 and has seen incredible growth in the company.  In the past 24 months, the company has experienced 300% increase in sales.  Sentry 360 showcases Tom’s innovation, developing and manufacturing complete surveillance systems in the form of integrated video management systems as well as stand-alone cameras.  His advanced megapixel cameras feature technology that stands out from a competitive field, and offer:

  • 360-degree views in some models that eliminate blind spots
  • Day/Night/Infrared Modes
  • 10 megapixel resolution in some models
  • Compatibility with many 3rd party Video Management Systems

These innovations position the company in a favorable place among security solutions manufacturers.  The advanced features of the camera and security systems integration that Tom has developed mean that companies from all over are flocking to him.

At the company, Tom is involved in many aspects, from:

  • Security system design and engineering
  • Physical security assessment for clients
  • Sales management
  • Optical design

This broad range of skills has shaped the company, positioning it at the top of its industry.  Tom’s wide range of professional expertise gives him the ability to assess security threats and to devise technological solutions that protect clients’ assets.

Tom Carnevale Sentury 360 CEO

Thomas Carnevale, as a leader in the security technology industry, also is a sought-after security consultant for businesses worldwide.

Ad Colligenda Bona

Along with his busy schedule developing and manufacturing state-of-the-art security camera systems, Tom Carnevale is also a highly sought-after security consultant.  He works primarily with two firms, Guidepoint Global and the Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG).

At Guidepoint Global, Tom serves as an Independent Security Technology Consultant, bringing his vast experience to bear for the benefit of the firm’s clients.  Guidepoint Global networks technology experts and conducts professional research to best handle the needs of its clients.  Tom specializes in security strategy and video surveillance consulting for a variety of companies in the healthcare, transportation, and energy industries. Whether on the phone or in person, Tom’s expertise shines through.

Tom is an Independent Security Technology Consultant for The Gerson Lehrman Group as well.  He was recently named a Scholar Level Consultant with the firm, elevating him above most of GLG’s pool of consultants.  Again, his experience level and technical acumen in the field of video surveillance and security have led him to this lofty position.

Ex Fida Bona

Tom Carnevale’s company, Sentry 360, strives to innovate in the video surveillance industry.  The company is poised to continue its pattern of explosive growth as they roll out more advanced cameras and video management systems.

In April, 2015, Sentry 360 kicked off its Launch AVIDD campaign.  This innovative campaign gives security consultants and other industry professionals the ability to test Sentry 360’s next-generation products, providing valuable feedback to the company as it strives to produce the most advanced technology in the video security industry. Tom feels that this campaign is vastly superior to crowd-funded projects, as it has already developed the technology and hardware, but is seeking outside help to troubleshoot, test, and evaluate the products. This minimizes risks inherent in the traditional crowdfunding process, eliminating loss of capital by investors and erasing product development delays.

When Tom is not working in the security industy, he spends his time volunteering for Gregory’s Gifts, a not-for-profit organization that is dedicated to helping the homeless community of Chicago’s Loop Area.  Tom helps facilitate fundraising, assists with events, and offers his hard work wherever the organization needs it.

Ipsissima Verba 

Tom Carnevale has had the opportunity to advise many industry professionals in a consultant capacity.  He has given seminars at a number of high-profile security conferences, including:

  • NYC Battery Park Post 9/11 Municipal Security
  • International Security Conference East
  • International Security Conference West
  • IP User Group

Tom’s unique video surveillance products were featured at the 2007 International Security Conference, where they were named one of the Top 25 Show-Stealers.

In 2014, Sentry 360’s smart network switch won the Best of Network Support Solutions award at the Security Industry Association’s New Products Showcase.

Tom’s security expertise has also given him the opportunity to share presentations with the world, both in print and online.  Some of his products and his security consulting work is highlighted in the industry trade publication Security Distributing Magazine. Likewise, some of his insights into video surveillance are featured in Security Magazine, a top publication in the industry. The Sentry 360 YouTube channel offers a selection of news videos, product showcases, and other details that feature Tom’s work.  A few of Tom’s webinars are also available on the YouTube platform, and you can follow him on Twitter as well.

Carnevale and his company will continue to innovate as video security has become ubiquitous in our modern lifestyle.  He and his vast expertise in the field of video surveillance technology give him many advantages over his competitors, positioning him to experience continued growth and success.