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Complete digital marketing agency, expertise in Reputation Management, Web Development, Search Engine Optimization, Digital Media.

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Headquartered in sunny Southern California, Swell Marketing, Inc. has rapidly become one of the online marketing industry’s leading lights. In business for over ten years, it has built its reputation on a foundation of honesty, integrity, and innovative thinking that helps it stand out from a crowded marketplace. The company employs time-tested methods to assist its many clients, boosting revenue and online presence with the premium service excellence that can only come from real expertise.

They offer an array of services for its clients, all tailored to suit the individual needs of each company they work with. Cookie-cutter solutions are simply not enough to satisfy the exacting demands of its experts. Rather, everything they do is customized to maximize returns for their clients. This premier SEO company is unique in the sense that their methods are focused on creating new revenue streams for their customers, and they are so confident of their work that they guarantee results.

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After working at a number of other businesses, handling search engine optimization (SEO) strategies and all aspects of digital marketing for them, Founder Tyler Collins realized he could do more. He has been a digital marketing consultant for large and small companies ranging from local businesses to Fortune 100 partners. Tyler established his company in Huntington Beach, California, and took his finely-tuned SEO craft to the next level. This SEO company offers proprietary website ranking methods and forward-thinking processes that help their many clients achieve the success they are after. The innovative team studies overall market trends, researches the most prominent strategies and dissects complex search engine algorithms to take advantage of the power of search to provide desired results.

This firm brings together elite professionals from a vast array of cultural backgrounds; these seasoned veterans possess unique skills that ensure that the methods they use are effective. Software engineers, website content developers, SEO experts, information architects, and public relations coordinators cohesively assemble to provide unparalleled service to their valued clients.

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Swell Marketing, Inc. focuses its efforts and resources towards online platforms. Because this field may require several strategies for success, the company knows how important it is to offer as many services as possible. In addition to SEO, they also handle:

  • Pay-Per-Click Campaign Management
  • Web Design and Development
  • Link Building Services
  • Copywriting and Content Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Social Media Marketing

This is but a handful of the services the company offers. The services can be employed individually or in packages to suit the particular needs of a client’s advertising budget, market desires, or financial goals.

A groundbreaking service that Swell offers is not commonly found in other competing agencies. This unique service is called Reputation Management, where clients can get help with any form of negative press that becomes prominent within any given search result term or keyword. This propriety system cleanses organic search results, helping to position the client’s positive editorials or articles in a more desirable position within the search results page. These unique methodologies have helped numerous clients suppress unfavorable reviews or news items, getting their companies back to the top of search pages where they belong.

Swell is committed to operating their business with some fundamental values that influence every action they take. First, they believe in leading by example. Every tool they use to help others has been tested on their own online marketing presence, helping to ensure the effectiveness of these techniques. Second, quality and integrity are crucial to the everyday operations of the company. They want their clients to be fully satisfied with the unmatched caliber of the work they perform, and keep their clients informed every step of the way. The company and its growing staff pride themselves on ethical behaviors both on and off the job, helping their clients feel like they’re in good hands.

Finally, the digital advertising firm takes training and certification very seriously. In order to stay on top of industry trends and the ever-shifting landscape of search engine algorithm, every team member must continue their on-going educational journey by way of extensive training seminars and specialized coursework. Of course, they must maintain all applicable certification and excellent levels of qualification standards as well.

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The company has been featured on several household name news outlets for their business excellence, including Yahoo! Finance, CNN, and NBC News. Because knowledge and expertise is extremely important to the company, they maintain the latest standards in the industry by being certified as both a Google Adwords Certified Partner as well as being a Microsoft Advertising Accredited Professional. Finally, their awards are endless, winning public recognition from countless prestigious industry organizations like the Business Review, Search Engine Building, and the American Marketing Association.

The company’s own website provides a treasure trove of customer testimonials and authentic reviews from hundreds of satisfied clients. Overwhelmingly, clients come away with their needs met and their online marketing presence while achieving new heights in sales and revenue streams.

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Swell Marketing, Inc. understands how crucial it is to maintain relevance in a changing market. For this reason, the staff is continually studying new ways to implement marketing strategies. Staying abreast of changes within the search engine environment is one of many aspects that they take very seriously; failure to do so would mean that they would not be able to provide their clients with the hard-won expertise that differentiate the company from its competitors. Regular training and certification keeps the staff on the cutting edge of Internet marketing practices and helps them achieve their own success as well as the success of their customers.


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They maintain a robust presence on several social media platforms. They do this because they know how crucial social media is for attracting new people and making connections with existing customers. If it works for them, it is sure to work for their hundreds of clients. The official Twitter feed offers timely news items and tips to its many followers, while the company’s Facebook page is filled with calls to action, company news, and invitations to industry seminars. The company’s CrunchBase profile is a great place to get more information about the countless investment opportunities they offer. Finally, the Better Business Bureau listing for the company shows their commitment to quality service, providing additional customer reviews that speak highly of the quality service in everything they do.

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