Susan Crenshaw

In Propria Persona

Susan Crenshaw

Susan Crenshaw is a woman with many talents and a long career in the entertainment industry and in marketing.

Over the past 25 years in television presentation and advertising, Susan has been able to bring her intellect and marketing skills to bear on many product marketing campaigns across the nation.  She is also an accomplished interior design expert. Susan makes her home in Austin, Texas.

Susan owns her own company called Susan Crenshaw, Inc., where she is known for her expertise in hosting long-format infomercials and product commercial work, which has appeared on over 50 different television and cable networks.  Colleagues describe her as charismatic and personable with a reputation for reliability and the drive to see marketing campaigns succeed.  She has been hailed for her work ethic in front of the camera as a television host and anchor as well as behind, taking on roles as a developer and producer as the leader of her company.

A Priori

Susan Crenshaw entered the entertainment career in 1980, when she worked as a runway and print model for several prestigious modeling agencies in the United States and abroad, including Ford Models, Inc. and Delphine Models in Paris.  It was during her time as a model that Susan became interested in television.  Her first experiences as a contributor to television programs was as a guest host and segment lead for the show ‘Attitudes’ on the Lifetime Network in 1989.  There, she did segments on home design and crafting projects.

This experience was a springboard for Susan to begin work as a brand ambassador and on-air spokesperson for the Michael’s Stores, Inc., a huge national company.  She worked on air for interviews and commercials for the craft retailer and did a range of in-store appearances.  In addition, she was instrumental in helping the company develop marketing campaigns and product development content.  Later, she was the host of the company’s weekly one-hour podcast called ‘The Michael’s Arts and Crafts Show’.

In 1993, Susan relocated to the city of Denver, Colorado to take over hosting duties for the KUSA-TV afternoon show ‘Good Afternoon Colorado’. As the host of this popular show, Susan was responsible for covering community events as well as national news.  The exposure she received to a wide audience brought her to the attention of the Discovery Channel in 1994.  She was asked to host a weekly arts and crafts show on the network and has worked with the cable network off and on since those first experiences.

Susan joined the HGTV cable network in 1997 when she hosted her own show called ‘This Small Space’, a daily half-hour program covering design and decorating topics as well as living in small spaces.  She was the host for this popular show for five years and was highly regarded for the engaging personality and on-camera charm she displayed as host.

Ad Colligenda Bona

Crenshaw is currently the CEO of her own company, Susan Crenshaw, Inc. She is widely regarded as one of the premier talents in infomercial and long-format product commercial work, having appeared in over 200 such projects on over 50 different cable television networks.  As the CEO of the company, Susan has an active role in developing on-camera projects as well as behind-the-scenes marketing campaigns, set designs, and an array of other tasks.  She also consults with other companies, thanks to her work as a marketing expert and brand ambassador.  She is able to blend her own experiences with industry best-practices in advertising and promotion. From her company’s headquarters in Austin, Texas, Susan continues to work with brands as they develop marketing strategies and product launches.   With over 35 years in the television and entertainment industries, Susan serves as a valuable asset to every company lucky enough to share in her talents.

Susan Crenshaw

Ex Fida Bona

With work in front of and behind the camera covering a wide range of experiences, it is fair to say that Crenshaw has seen and done a lot.  As a television host and presenter for interior design shows, she is able to make connections with her audience.  As a marketing consultant, brand ambassador, and promoter, she has been instrumental in generating over half a billion dollars in sales over her illustrious career.   Her coworkers and industry colleagues have described her as a woman who brings physical beauty and allure to every project she works with, but backs that beauty with an incredible depth of knowledge on a wide range of topics and interests.

Susan’s strong work ethic, coupled with her personality, industry knowledge, and vast experiences as a television host and presenter, have made her a trusted source for companies looking to increase their product awareness.  From brand development to social media marketing, broadcast advertising strategies, and more, Crenshaw is an aspirational voice that can propel companies into new levels of success.

Ipsissima Verba

Susan is a proponent of social media as a platform not only for marketing, but for showcasing her work as an accomplished interior design expert.  Her Houzz page has let her share some of her design projects with fans and describes some of the custom creations and staging work she has done in her years in the decorating industry.

Susan’s Pinterest page is filled with creative ideas for her many followers, displaying many projects she has worked on over the years.  This page is very active, with her followers sharing her work with their own friends and spreading the news about Susan’s creative talents.  Her Twitter feed is similarly populated with the design work she has done with Home Designed Interiors as well as sharing photographs of some of the projects she has accomplished.  Followers can find real inspiration in Susan’s colors and design aesthetic.