Stuart M. Siden

Stuart M Siden, Sales Executive

In Propria Persona

Stuart M. Siden is a widely-known expert in the fields of broadcast advertising and investment management. Stuart has over four decades of experience in a variety of business capacities ranging from account management, sales, advertising, and stock portfolio management. Stuart has done and seen a lot in his lengthy career, and his vast knowledge is of great benefit to his many clients.

After many years in the broadcasting industry, Stuart now spends his time as an Independent Investment Management Professional in Natick, Massachusetts. In this role, he is responsible for analyzing market performance, studying complex financial trends, and making daily decisions that impact his clients’ investment portfolios. Stuart’s clients can count on him to guide them toward smart investing strategies, boosting their revenue and maintaining portfolios that consistently outpace market averages.

A Priori

Stuart M. Siden received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from Loyola University in Montreal, Quebec. He quickly used that to his advantage, beginning as an account executive at a radio station in Boston, Massachusetts in 1976. Over the next ten years, Stuart worked his way up at other radio stations in Boston, rising to Director of Sales at WRKO/WROR after several years spent as National Sales Manager and General Sales Manager at other stations in the area. These formative years helped shape Stuart’s expertise in financial management, handling administrative tasks and budgets exceeding $14 million.

As a Sales Manager at the radio stations, Stuart was responsible for:

  • Establishing and building advertising relationships
  • Selling air time for professional sports teams like the Boston Celtics, the New England Patriots, and the Boston Red Sox
  • Managing a team of up to 40 employees
  • Incentivizing sales based on projections
  • Building pricing structures and creating promotional packages

Stuart moved to WHDH Radio in Boston in 1990, where he continued his work improving revenue streams for the station and handling all aspects of the sales department. During this time, his efforts were rewarded with a 122% increase in revenue for the station. This is proof of Stuart’s expert ability to forecast trends and to capitalize on them, boosting business by attracting new clients on a continual basis.

In 1992, Stuart Siden took over the General Sales Manager position at WAAF Radio in Boston. Here, his work brought the station to new revenue heights. In his tenure there, revenue went up 538% in less than 10 years. Stuart took care of recruiting, training, and managing an aggressive sales team and brought in new business with some innovative ideas to improve advertising revenue. Under his guidance, the sales team was streamlined, producing great success for the team and for the station in general.

Stuart became the Vice President/General Sales Manager at Comcast Sportsnet in 2005. Here, he tackled a number of responsibilities, including:

  • Recruiting, training, and managing local and national sales staff
  • Boosting revenue by forging advertising partnerships with Celtics Telecasts, Sports Tonight, and network shoulder programming initiatives.
  • Managing inventory and cutting waste

At Comcast Sportsnet, Stuart was able to improve revenue for the network by 153%, starting with $10.2 million and finishing off with $15.6 million in just over three years. This is an incredible track record, proving his talents for bringing in business and improving the financial footing of any organization he works with.

Stuart made the jump from sports entertainment to investment management in 2009. Here, he maintains keen awareness to market trends and makes smart financial decisions on behalf of his many clients. As with his work at the radio networks, Stuart’s investment record is impressive, outpacing market averages by a sizeable margin.

Stuart M Siden Sales Manager

Ad Colligenda Bona

As an Investment Management Professional, Stuart M. Siden calls upon his decades of business experience to find the best investment solutions for his clients. Depending on prevailing market trends, Stuart knows the best ways to maximize returns on investments, buying and selling both stocks and securities to position his clients’ assets on a positive growth track. Stuart is a stickler for market research, analyzing the trends that influence daily market fluctuations and even reviewing post-trading reports to see how his trades performed. This attention to detail comes from his incredible body of experience as a salesman and financial manager for a number of radio and broadcast sports networks.

Ex Fida Bona

With Stuart Siden’s expert financial guidance and all-around business savvy, he was able to bring impressive revenue numbers to the table. At the radio stations and sports networks he was a part of, revenue streams went up a minimum of 120%. Millions of dollars of advertising revenue came into these networks, thanks to Stuart’s market experience and solid business foundations. Stuart is an effective leader, managing diverse workforces and spurring his staff to new heights in terms of sales promotion, advertising contracts, and deal incentives.

Ex Post

Stuart Siden will continue in the investment management field, a discipline he is uniquely suited for. His lengthy business experience and commitment to providing outstanding returns for his clients has prepared him like few others for the daily challenges of volatile financial markets. By staying abreast of trends and adjusting his trading strategies to make the most of market conditions, Stuart’s clients are in good hands. Client financial objectives are met with intelligence, creativity, and stellar research by Stuart’s capable skillset.

Ipsissima Verba

Stuart M. Siden is active on social media platforms, sharing personal details of his career and sound financial advice with his followers on his Google Plus page and his Twitter feed. His Facebook page is growing, bringing in much interest from followers who are eager to learn more about Stuart’s vast experience in the sales and business world. Stuart’s market brilliance and his dedication to providing sound financial advice is a real asset for his clients.

Stuart M Siden, Comcast Sports Executive