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Steve Ventre

Stephen R. Ventre is the founder of Dedicated Sound and Audio, Inc. (DSA), a specialist audio technology firm responsible for the development of the revolutionary transformative product called Sound Art.

A groundbreaking entrepreneur with an innovative spirit and a knack for invention, Stephen has poured his passion and dedication into the development of Sound Art, which according to the company’s website ( is an entirely new way to listen to music at home. With this innovative product, users are able to enjoy personalized custom artwork while enjoying music of exceptionally high quality.

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Steve Ventre founded Dedicated Sound and Audio in September 2012. Like all his other ventures, the company was the result of his entrepreneurial spirit and innate leadership ability. Possessing a keen business sense and the ability to make a significant contribution to any venture in which he is involved, Stephen turned his fledgling firm into one of the most innovative audio technology firms in the industry in the span of less than four years.

Much of Stephen’s drive and dedication can be traced to his stint in the Marine Corp, which he still considers to be one of the most essential periods in his life. The experience proved to be invaluable for the future entrepreneur, who picked up numerous important skills in the service. It was there that he developed the tenacity to deal with different types of people and to face up to challenges of varying degrees of difficulty. To this day, he considers the time spent in the military to be among the most crucial to his later success.

Stephen has had a lengthy professional career prior to starting up Dedicated Sound and Audio. From 1998 to 2010, he was a partner in Arena Development Corporation in Orange County. He first worked as marketing consultant and investor at the real estate firm, later becoming its SEO. Although Stephen has since left Arena, he continues to have an active business relationship with the firm, which is currently DSA’s franchising partner.

Stephen was also a founding member of Fashion Forward International, an apparel and denim distributor also based in Orange County. He worked at the firm from 2010 to 2012, during which time the company became the exclusive distributor of the exclusive celebrity-endorsed denim label, PRVCY, in the Republic of Korea.

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These days, Stephen’s entire focus is on Sound Art, the revolutionary audio technology he developed as Dedicated Sound and Audio’s flagship product. Sound Art is essentially a new way by which art and sound can be combined in a novel and interesting way. The product is a discreet flat panel art speaker system that enables the user to enjoy high quality spacious sound while viewing favored art pieces, photographs, and any other type of visual. The exterior of the unit features high grade textured canvas, which conceals the state-of-the-art sound system within. With this innovative solution, users can enjoy a truly unique audiovisual experience right in their own home, without the cumbersome wires and speakers traditionally used in home entertainment systems.

The DSA team is composed of Stephen himself, along with R. Ventre, Leon Sievers, Matthew Peters, Justin Sebe, and Caroline Bradley.

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Steve Ventre is more than just an entrepreneur and an innovator. He is also an active community worker and volunteer who has contributed to a number of worthy causes. Among the advocacies closest to his heart are children, education, health, and disaster and humanitarian relief. In each of these areas, Stephen has contributed his considerable talents, as well as his time, effort, and resources into giving back to the community, hoping to contribute to the greater good in his own way.

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Even with the early success of Sound Art, Stephen already has his eye on the future. An avowed tech-buff with unwavering curiosity and a keen insight on technological trends, Stephen is constantly researching and working toward the development of even more innovative technologies. For Stephen, the future is wide open for him to make a significant contribution to society, whether with DSA and any other venture that he chooses to undertake.

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Stephen’s extensive experience in various industries has resulted in widespread recognition and considerable acclaim over the years. At (, mention was made of his work with DSA, citing the innovation and forward-looking approach of the firm. ( also had favorable things to say about Stephen, particularly with regard to his firm’s upcoming plans to secure European Distribution.

Those interested in learning more about Stephen may also check his LinkedIn page (, where a number of former clients and business partners have lauded his hands-on approach, his dedication to the job at hand, and his drive and focus. One reviewer, Darr Hashempour, Ph.D.–who had previously worked on a startup with Stephen–also made mention of his expansive knowledge, personable demeanor, and exemplary management skills.