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Shawn Redd is an entrepreneur and President of the Redd/Lichee Corporation. He is running for Arizona’s 1st Congressional District in 2016.

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Shawn T. Redd is the president of the Redd/Lichee Corporation, located in Dilkon, Arizona and in Shiprock, New Mexico. Shawn has dedicated his professional career to championing economic opportunity for the chronically-underserved Navajo Nation. His tireless efforts in bringing prosperity to the Nation has earned him the respect of his peers and helped position his corporation as one of the crucial economic powerhouses in the region. Shawn got an early start in the business world, taking over the corporation in 1994 when he was still in high school.

Shawn’s dedication and his outstanding business acumen has allowed him to establish several businesses in and around the Navajo Nation, helping bring much-needed service to the area and contributing his skill to providing the amenities and the goods the region was desperate for. Shawn has decades of expertise negotiating the complex regulatory structure of business ventures on Native American reservations, wading through government bureaucracy and the attendant delays that are hallmarks of the difficulties business owners face in the region. Shawn’s corporation is a shining star in the Navajo Small Business community, routinely giving back to the Navajo and Hopi people who were in need of economic opportunity the most.

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Shawn Redd was born in Moab, Utah. At an early age, he worked after school at his father’s successful auto dealership, where he learned many valuable skills to apply to his later endeavors. He was keen to observe what worked and what didn’t at the dealership, studying the interactions of sales staff and clients to glean the secrets of success. The original owner of the corporation that became Redd/Lichee, was his mother, Violet H. Redd. She passed away when Shawn was three years old, leaving her company in limbo for several years.

With encouragement from the Navajo Nation and with help from his family, Shawn resurrected his mother’s company in 1995, all while he was finishing high school. The Redd/Lichee Corporation is named after the tribal affiliations of his mother and father. Shawn’s first business deal was purchasing land in Shiprock, New Mexico, where he established a Napa Auto Parts store. This store was an immediate success, catching the attention of the Navajo and Hopi leadership in the area. With so few amenities available to the native people of the area, the store brought in much-needed service and consumer goods, drawing clients from around the region. The success of this business also caused the Napa parent company to petition Shawn to open additional locations, with the next in Gallup, New Mexico. Like the first, this new store was an instant hit with consumers from around the area. Economic hardships with the parent company led to the eventual closure to both stores, but Shawn would not be deterred from providing service to the area’s residents.

His next project was founding Redd’s Laundry at the newly-completed shopping complex in the Navajo Nation. His business model quickly won the hearts and minds of both the customers and the Nation’s leadership. Full service, clean facilities, and friendly staff were the keys to Shawn’s success in this venture. Redd’s Laundry eventually branched out to other locations and remains a viable and vibrant part of the Nation’s business footprint, despite many regulatory and government hurdles.


Shawn Redd Tribal Liaison

Shawn Redd is entering with a unique blend of Republican conservatism and a strong dedication to the under-served Navajo nation

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Redd continues to oversee the operation of Redd’s Laundry locations, bringing his share of economic prosperity to the people of the Navajo Nation. Shawn is continually looking for new business opportunities; in fact, he is currently in talks with 3M and the Navajo Nation to establish manufacturing facilities on the reservation. Every step Shawn makes in the business world is to improve the lives of the people in the region, helping to establish a bright future for the Navajo and Hopi people as these businesses flourish.

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Shawn is always looking for new opportunities to help the people of the Navajo Nation. In partnerships with the Nation as well as Navajo small business incubators, he is prepared to tackle projects that fulfill much-needed services for the residents of the area. His expertise in negotiating complex business deals with the Navajo tribal council as well as the federal government have given him important insights into the economy of the area. Shawn is legendary for not giving up, no matter how difficult the challenges he faces on a daily basis. His guidance for other businesses comes from his two decades of experience establishing his own ventures, and he is committed to helping other achieve success while keeping the needs of the Nation’s residents at the top of his abilities.

Shawn Redd of the Navajo Nation

Shawn Redd has gone beyond the call of duty for the citizens of the Navajo Nation. With his congressional nomination, he hopes to bring power to their voice.

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Shawn has an active Twitter feed, sharing details about his business ventures and offering advocacy and education for his followers. His blend of historical information about the Navajo people and the many struggles they face while achieving economic prosperity endear him to his readers. Shawn’s CrunchBase profile gives followers more information about his business activities and personal life. The Redd/Lichee Corporation appears in many business listing directories, further demonstrating the company’s commitment to bringing financial opportunities to the people of New Mexico and the Navajo Nation in general. With Shawn’s lengthy experience and his impeccable business skills, his ventures have found success while many others did not – navigating the troubled waters of government regulation are not for the faint of heart, and Shawn has risen time and again to the challenges he faces as a business owner and a regional economic engine.