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Rutland Mental Health Daniel Quinn brought essential mental health programs, ideas, and sanctions to the city of Rutland, VT. With drug addiction at an all-time high, Rutland was able to take on thousands of patients in need.

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As CEO of Rutland Mental Health, Dan Quinn has dedicated his efforts to providing inpatient mental care for anyone who needed it in Vermont. Daniel is credited with innovating mental health systems in the state, and has demonstrated time and again his skill set in coordinating care and the people who provide that care in a way that benefits patients in need. With experience on both the financial and the social work side of healthcare, Daniel’s abilities outmatch many others in this field, providing him with a clear vision to spearhead big projects and small alike.

Throughout his career in the mental health industry, Daniel has been well known for his outstanding leadership, overseeing company expansions and contractions with the experience and vision a true leader must possess. His passion for patient care and his solid business acumen has given him great success and helped every organization he has led. Daniel was the first full-time director the Rutland Mental Health Services company had, and under his guidance the organization was able to expand with the construction of an additional facility to help better manage the needs of the patients under his care.

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Daniel Quinn is highly-educated. He holds two Master’s Degrees, one in Social Work from Simmons College in Boston and the other in Business Administration from Western New England College in Springfield, Massachusetts. Both of these degrees help give Daniel a unique approach to tackling the myriad facets healthcare systems and both the financial management and patient care expertise a mental healthcare leader should possess.

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Rutland Mental Health Daniel Quinn found himself leading one of the most important roles in the city of Rutland as CEO of the Community Care Network.

Daniel has spent many years in the healthcare industry, working for a number of organizations and honing his outstanding leadership skills along the way. Each of these career moves brought him the knowledge and the integrity to shepherd the companies he was entrusted to through times both of growth and of staff reduction due to governmental budget cuts.

His first career job was as the Manager of Program Development at Tufts Health Plan in Massachusetts, where he worked from 1995 to 1999. He got a great education with this Plan, learning the complexities of the healthcare industry and establishing a reputation for excellent management skills. The staff working under him knew that he was a capable leader, responsible for handling large budgets and a sizeable workforce.

Next, he worked for Beacon Health Strategies in Boston. There, Daniel served as Director of Network Operations, exposing him to new challenges and tools he would use in subsequent roles.

In 2000, he took over the Chief Operating Officer position at Spectrum Health Systems in Worcester, Massachusetts. It was here that the soon-to-be leader of Rutland Mental Health Daniel Quinn fine-tuned the leadership skills that would position him at the top of the healthcare industry. Daniel was responsible for a wide variety of aspects, including over $35 million in annual assets and a workforce of 700 employees. Before he took over at Spectrum, the company was losing nearly $2 million a year. In short order, Daniel turned the company around, helping it back to profitability with his expertise and dedicated leadership. Under Daniel’s command, the company was also able to expand, offering its services to patients in Hawaii, Georgia, and Arizona as well as other states in New England. While Daniel left the Spectrum company in 2005, his excellent work there stabilized the company for long-term prosperity.

Daniel Quinn took over the position of Vice President of Behavior Health Services at the Johnson Memorial Hospital in Stafford Springs, Connecticut in 2005. In this position, Daniel further refined the management skills that had served him so well in previous roles. Here, he developed a passion for the mental health field. Daniel continued to innovate with unique programs and services geared toward treating patients with compassion and care.

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Coming to Rutland Mental Health, Dan Quinn began as executive director there in 2008, working his way up the corporate ladder until he arrived at the very top, taking on the mantle of President and CEO of the organization. It was here that he was able to oversee the construction of the organization’s Main Street facility, expanding the company’s service footprint and allowing it to offer care to more patients than ever before. Daniel has had to make some very difficult decisions, especially when faced with budget shortfalls due to Vermont’s state funding issues. Throughout the highs and lows, Daniel took on every challenge that came his way with the conviction and the leadership skills he knew were crucial for success.

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Daniel Quinn is always up for the next exciting challenge in the mental health industry. With his vast knowledge of the inner workings both of business and healthcare, he is prepared like few others to accept difficult times as the companies he leads face an uncertain financial future. When he is faced with budgetary issues, Daniel understands the path to delivering the best healthcare available to patients in a way that benefits both patients and the company itself. With over 20 years in the mental health business, Daniel is singularly equipped to make the most of any leadership role he takes on.

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