Roland Frasier

Roland Frasier

In Propria Persona

Roland Frasier has a passion for business that spans decades.  From his early days selling real estate to him earning multiple law degrees and being involved in dozens of successful ventures, Roland has experienced many levels of the business world. Roland specializes in several areas, including mergers and acquisitions, marketing strategy, and negotiation.   Along the way, Roland has been an advisor, presenter, and developer of advertising campaigns.  If it has to do with the business world, chances are that Roland Frasier has developed an expertise in it.

A Priori

Roland began selling real estate at the tender age of 18.   His skill level and interest in the real estate market led him to hold licenses for real estate, securities, and insurance.  This gave him the credentials to engage in business investments such as leveraged buyouts with Prudential Securities, all while he attended college and later law school.

Roland holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Virginia Commonwealth University.  He later earned his Juris Doctorate from California Western School of Law in 1989.  In 1991, he went on to complete his Master of Laws in Taxation at the University Of San Diego School Of Law.

After law school, Roland started a law practice that catered towards entrepreneurs, business owners, and clients from the entertainment industry.  In short order, Roland’s law firm was one of the premier firms in the San Diego area.  During this time, his interests began to evolve once more, and he found himself engaged in business ventures such as strategic repositioning, acquiring and selling businesses, and developing marketing materials for his lucrative direct mail and infomercial companies.

Ad Colligenda Bona

Currently, one can find Roland involved with several important business concerns.   The first is his work as an Idea Incubator with Digital Marketer. Based in Austin, Texas, this consultancy offers sales and marketing training while owning and managing a wide range of business ventures.   Roland is responsible for developing marketing strategies, coaching and consulting with clients, and handling the licensing and content syndication aspects of Digital Marketer’s portfolio.

Roland is also a principal at Medusa Capital Partners, a firm that specializes in middle-market private equity as well as mergers and acquisitions.

If that’s not all, Roland is the CEO of Done For You Internet Marketing, which is a turnkey marketing solution for small businesses. Done For You provides a dazzling array of services, including direct marketing strategy, copywriting, search engine optimization, and social media management. Roland’s expertise in marketing and strategic business repositioning gives his team a unique insight into how clients can best maximize ROI using the tools available through this firm.

Roland FrasierEx Fida Bona

To share his expertise, Roland has created many webinars and presentations so he can reach a global audience.  His innovative methods, coupled with decades of practical experience, make him an ideal speaker at conferences and brainstorming groups.  In particular, Roland’s groundbreaking work with viral content – that is, online content (text/video/audio) that is shared among peers at an explosive rate – has made him highly sought-after for conference engagements.  He stresses that businesses must pay attention to trends, using those trends to help shape marketing strategies that capture attentions and boost visitor traffic.  Creating lists of proven related keywords for a business is a simple and effective way to bring in site visitors, as well.

Another of Roland’s popular strategies is to leverage the social media powerhouse Twitter to reach out to new customers, engage with existing customers, and strengthen brand loyalty.  Roland offers many tips about unlocking the full potential of Twitter’s user tools, bringing in third-party apps to help manage accounts, and to use scheduling to keep a steady stream of content flowing to followers.   Social media represents an inexpensive way businesses can stretch tight advertising budgets, capitalizing on the instant, easy nature of communicating with potential customers with these online services.

Roland Frasier

As if he’s not busy enough with all of his ventures, Roland also took the time to pen a best-selling book entitled Asset Protection for Everyone:  Secrets to Legally Safeguarding Your Hard-Earned Money, Home & Business. Reviewers agree that Roland has a knack for breaking down difficult strategies into easy-to-follow pieces, assisting anyone with protecting their assets.  Roland’s background and expertise in business law certainly helped him craft this handy guide.

Ipsissima Verba

Roland Frasier is a prolific and regular user of social media for his own purposes as well as for sharing his business acumen with followers.  His Twitter feed alone has almost 20,000 followers, and he shares marketing strategies, legal advice, and search engine optimization tips among his many tweets.  His personal Facebook page is filled with a similar combination of personal reflections, information about marketing, and his visits to trade shows and conferences.

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Speaking of conferences, Roland was a presenter at the San Diego-based Traffic & Conversion Summit in 2014.  His presentation on Conversion Funnel Optimization was a hit with attendees. Conversion funnels are the processes by which a company can attract new business by getting product or service information out, encouraging interest in that product or service, and getting site visitors to engage, either by signing up for a newsletter, making a purchase, or enrolling in an email list.

Roland continues to share his vast repertoire of marketing expertise by engaging in prolific blogging.  His personal blog and his marketing blog both get a lot of worldwide traffic from people eager to learn from his experiences, which can help them achieve greater successes with their business ventures.

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