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Rock Creek Dental Center is a specialist dental clinic that offers a wide variety of dental care services. With a range of services that includes teeth cleaning, teeth whitening, extraction, and filling, Rock Creek is well-equipped to handle most any need that patients may have with regard to dental care.

The clinic’s main field of specialization is cosmetic dentistry, which is an area in which Rock Creek’s dentists have extensive experience. Rock Creek primarily services patients from Rockville and the surrounding communities, although more and more patients from all over Maryland have been drawn to the clinic due to its reputation for quality and excellence.

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Rock Creek ( was formed in 1998. Initially offering only a select range of quality dental care services, the clinic soon expanded its scope to include more complex and more intensive procedures, all of which are delivered with the same care, attention, and quality as the rest of its services. The clinic attracted a loyal clientele early on in its history, and the number of patients treated regularly grew considerably within the span of a few short years. Today, although the clinic remains a fairly modest operation, it has managed to maintain a regular roster of loyal clients, many of whom have patronized Rock Creek for several years.

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Rock Creek Dental Center Offers Caring Dental Care

Rock Creek’s main area of specialization is cosmetic dentistry. Although the clinic is capable of handling most every dental concern that patients may have, the main focus remains cosmetic dentistry. This singular focus and dedication to a specific field ensures a consistently high level of service within the field of cosmetic dentistry.

Rock Creek ( maintains an in-house team of dentists, dental care technicians, and administrative staff, each member of which works to ensure the highest standard of service in all areas of the clinic’s operations. Comprised of some of the most accomplished and most reputable dental care professionals in Maryland, the Rock Creek dental team is headed by Dr. Paige Gaznavi, who herself has extensive experience in most every major area of dentistry.

Rock Creek today provides an extensive range of dental care services, all centered on cosmetic dentistry. Installing dental implants is one of the clinic’s most sought-after services, with Dr Gaznavi and her team putting their combined knowledge and clinical capability in addressing the needs of patients who need the gaps in between their teeth filled. Utilizing natural-looking and fully-functional tooth replacements, Rock Creek effectively restores the normal appearance of the teeth.

Invisalign is another of Rock Creek’s ( more popular services. An orthodontic process that involves the placing of specially designed plastic aligners in the mouth, the procedure offers a safe, effective, and virtually pain-free solution to dealing with crooked or misaligned teeth. Because they are transparent, easy to remove, and comfortable, the aligners used by Rock Creek’s dentists perform the necessary function without getting in the way of everyday activity or affecting the patient’s appearance.

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Rock Creek Dental Center Tooth Services

Rock Creek also offers a range of general dental care services that are delivered with the same care and attention to detail as the clinic’s more complicated treatment procedures. Toothaches are a common concern among many of the clinic’s patients, and these are handled in a thoroughly professional manner befitting the finest dental care facility in the Maryland area. By offering both operative and non-operative procedures, Rock Creek gives patients more options by which they could get the results they want from their dental care procedures.

Tooth whitening also remains part of Rock Creek’s ( wide range of services. Even the most severely stained or discolored teeth can be restored to their former condition, with most procedures taking less than an hour to perform.

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Today, Rock Creek remains committed to the same principles of providing world-class dental care services at affordable rates. Even with nearly twenty years in the business, Rock Creek ( maintains a high priority on patient care and satisfaction, which is apparent with every patient treated, and every service provided.

In order to maintain the clinic’s high standards in cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Gaznavi and the members of her team periodically attend refresher, retraining, and re-certification courses. This continuing training and education enables the clinic’s dental care practitioners to maintain a high level of service, and to utilize new tools and technologies in the field of cosmetic dentistry.

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Rock Creek Dental Center offers stress-free dental

Reviews for Rock Creek can be found all over the internet, with most offering largely positive feedback on the company, its staff, and its services. On (, a patient cited the performance and excellent service of the clinic’s staff, making particular mention of Dr. Gaznavi’s professionalism and clinical capability.