Michael Sherfick

In Propria Persona

Michael Sherfick has had many roles in his professional career. The inventor, entrepreneur, and business leader has engaged in a wide variety of ventures, including serving  in the United States Army as a medic. A lengthy stint as a law enforcement official followed before Michael made his transition to the business world. A native of Indiana, Michael has experienced tremendous success in everything he has put his mind to. He has a keen ability to build on past experiences, using the tools he has acquired over his diverse career to make the most of any project he involves himself in. Currently, he serves as the President and CEO of Duratech, an internationally-recognized laboratory testing equipment manufacturer.

A Priori

He was born in Indianapolis, Indiana. Michael became known for his inherent leadership abilities and his skill in developing elegant, effective solutions to challenges. His work ethic and dedication would prove useful throughout his career ventures. When he separated from his Army service, Michael began a long career in the law enforcement field. His first job as a law enforcement official came when he became Deputy Town Marshal for the Rocky Ripple Police Department back in his home state of Indiana. In 1996, he became Deputy Constable for Lawrence Township when he was sworn in to the position under Constable Robert Bowser III. Two years after that, he sought employment with the Boone County Sheriff’s Department, where he remained until 2005. At Boone County, he rose to the rank of Captain. During this time, he was also co-employed by the Perry Township Constable’s Office under Constable Roy Houchins. Here, he achieved the rank of Major before retiring from police work. As a law enforcement professional, Michael served as a field training officer, which gave him the ability to impart his experiences to younger officers. Community-oriented policing was the central theme of Michael’s career trajectory. As a sworn official, he put the needs of the communities in which he served first, building trust among the citizens of Boone County and Perry Township. Michael also trained in special weapons and tactics in his career as an officer of the law.

Michael Sherfick’s retirement was short-lived. Eager to begin the next chapter of his life, he entered the business world. Michael was co-inventor of The Easy Strap, a ratcheting tiedown system that earned him several patents. With his uncle Doug Doty, he established what would become Fast Track Technologies. The company licenses its designs and patents to other manufacturers throughout the United States, making Michael a leader in the tiedown industry. Michael’s early experiences with salesmanship proved beneficial for the company, which grew rapidly under his leadership.

Next, he began work as an investment professional. He established a series of investment firms, including Securifind Mortgages and Investments, Inc. and CCMT Financial. Securifind specialized in home mortgages and business development loans, while CCMT focused on commercial real estate development financing. Both of these business operations were successful, giving Michael a solid foundation in the business world and allowing him to expand his entrepreneurial skills. Later real estate ventures that he spearheaded would also be met with great success.

Ad Colligenda Bona

Michael Sherfick is the President and CEO of Duratech, Inc., a company in Noblesville, Indiana that specializes in customized electronics, engineering services, and laboratory testing equipment for use in a wide range of industrial applications. The company, founded in 1984 and acquired by Fast Track Technologies, another of Michael’s successful business ventures, is known for its industry-leading manufacturing, product development, and engineering. Michael has been instrumental in leading the company toward new markets during his tenure as CEO, with the firm producing samplers, viscometers, and analyzing equipment that exceed established industry standards. Some of the company’s recent successes hinge on the development of technologies in tempering and automation, particularly in the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance market.


Never satisfied by one project at a time, Michael works diligently to develop his skills as a businessperson and a leader. In recent years, Michael Sherfick has re-entered the real estate field. Wishing to capitalize on market corrections and a boom in property development, he established a company called 3% Holdings. The firm purchases and develops property for commercial retail spaces in and around Indianapolis. Michael will continue to enjoy success as he applies his range of talents to the projects and ventures he undertakes.

Ex Fida Bona

As part of a partnership behind CCMT Financial, a commercial real estate development and investment company in Indianapolis, Michael Sherfick was responsible for bringing new life to the city’s urban core. His next realty venture was with Rob McGraw, a real estate investment specialist, and Ken Dilger, former football player for the Indianapolis Colts of the NFL. The resulting company, called KMR Real Estate, was behind the development and construction of City View, a condominium property on Herman Street in downtown Indianapolis. Michael continued spawning new real estate ventures, including Indiana Residential Renovation, Inc. This company specialized in working with developers, property owners, and property managers for general contracting projects in and around the greater Indianapolis metro area.

Michael has also been responsible for helping many other companies grow. Among these was his work as the Executive Vice President of Operations for Indiana Life Sciences, Inc. He began with the company as a sales manager but was quickly promoted to oversee the company’s four national operations divisions. His expertise in tackling complex business interests and his natural leadership abilities once again proved beneficial, bringing the company increased revenue as it was able to capitalize on emerging global markets.

Ex Post

As the CEO of Duratech, Michael Sherfick is responsible for shepherding the company as it continues to expand its global reach. Michael and his team of engineers, materials scientists, software developers, and manufacturing experts push the boundaries of existing technologies. The company operates in a continuous improvement model, seeking ways of streamlining product manufacturing and distribution while it develops new analysis equipment to the utmost in quality. Michael’s leadership in this complex and challenging work environment is well-known throughout the laboratory controls industry. Michael will also continue to shape the revitalization of downtown areas of Indianapolis through his commercial real estate ventures. The urban corridors of city are enjoying newfound prosperity, thanks to Michael’s hard work and visionary development projects.


Michael recently had the opportunity to work in the movie industry. He was the co-executive producer for The Devil Dogs of Kilo Company, a stop-motion animated film directed by Bobby Easley. The movie tells the story of band of war-hardened U.S. Marines as they make their way from the Pacific Theater of operations to enemy-held territory deep within Nazi-controlled Germany. Horror movie critics around the world hail the film as a visual delight. Michael was critical in managing the film’s shooting schedules and locations as well as oversight of the production process.

Ipsissima Verba

He is an active social media user, sharing information about himself and his business ventures on his Facebook profile and Twitter feed. His Houzz page illustrates several of the projects he has been involved in over the past few years, particularly his work with Duratech and his inventions for Fast Track Technologies. Michael’s Tumblr page describes some of the sampling and analysis equipment developed by Duratech as well.

On Vimeo, he shared a short clip that talks about his work spearheading a Toys For Tots donation in 2016. He partnered with other business owners in the Indianapolis area to collect toys and to support the charitable work that the group does. Michael is involved in many other philanthropic projects in and around the urban center of Indianapolis.

After his recent work co-executive producing the animated movie The Devil Dogs of Kilo Company, he wrote a brief piece describing his role. Fans can visit Michael’s IMDB profile page to learn more as well.