Michael Roub

In Propria Persona

As an expert in the business side of the healthcare industry, Michael Roub has had a wide variety of experiences in his career. He is a high-level business executive with a background in finance, business development, investment, and operations, giving him the ability to tackle complex tasks in the challenging medical field. Michael has worked with specialty medical clinics and large multi-provider practices throughout the United States. Michael lives and works in the greater Los Angeles area of California, where he currently serves as the VP of Business Development for Western Dental & Orthodontics.

A Priori

Michael began his education in business at the prestigious Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Here, his focus was on finance and marketing. He completed his undergraduate program in 1994 by earning a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the School, graduating Cum Laude in the process.

michael-roubHis next educational experience came at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Michael earned an MBA here while graduating with honors. He was able to make the Dean’s List every quarter he was in attendance at Booth as well. His MBA consisted of a concentration in finance and accounting, and was completed in 1998. He was recently featured as an honorary alumnus as noted here.

Michael’s first role after completing his undergraduate degree was as a financial analyst for Donaldson, Lufkin, & Jenrette. There, he was responsible for analyzing industry trends and developing valuation models for the firm’s $1.1 billion in equity and mergers transactions. Later, after completing his MBA at the Booth School of Business in 1998, Mike returned to the DLJ firm, where he worked as an Associate in the leveraged finance division.. His role was to investigate and evaluate merger and acquisition, business restructuring, and financing opportunities for a wide range of corporate and private clients.

In the year 2000, Michael joined the team at AllAdvantage.com, an online advertising startup based in the San Francisco area. He was instrumental in helping the venture secure over $34 million in private equity financing; his background in financial analysis and acquisitions proved extremely beneficial for the startup.

His next work was as the Administrator for the Specialty Surgical Center in 2002. This marks Michael’s entry into the healthcare field, where he has developed industry-leading expertise and a reputation for revenue growth. For six years, Michael was involved in all of operational and  financial aspects of the surgical centers’ operations, including construction of new facilities and expansion of existing clinics.  His collaborative work with clinic managers led to an efficient, profitable operation, allowing the practice to grow organically.

In 2008, Michael began to work as the Vice President of Business Development for U.S. Healthworks, one of the largest occupational medical providers in the country. Based in the Los Angeles area, the company’s acquisitions efforts were directly managed by Mr. Roub as the company accrued 23 additional clinic practices in five states. He negotiated contracts and interfaced with the company’s executive leadership while boosting corporate revenue by a significant margin. Several other executive roles in the healthcare field followed before Michael Roub struck out on his own with his consulting venture.

Ad Colligenda Bona

Michael Roub recently joined Western Dental & Orthodontics as the Vice President of Business Development.  In his role, Michael leads all acquisition activity for the Company which currently operates 200 dental clinics in California, Arizona, Nevada and Texas.  Michael collaborates with the executive leadership to grow both the clinic footprint as well as the overall company revenue and profitability.  His vast experience in the operation of medical clinics and managing the financial aspects of business has been beneficial for sourcing, negotiating and closing transactions.

Ex Fida Bona

Michael Roub was selected by the University of Chicago Booth School of Business to be an alumni speaker at the First Year MBA Orientation event in 2012. His success at the school and in subsequent business settings made him an ideal choice to talk about his experiences with incoming students. In addition to speaking at the event, Michael also participated in several panel discussions with students and other school alumni. In addition to his work with the Booth School, Mike is also part of the alumni interview committee for the University of Pennsylvania, where he has served since 2014.

Michael is active in the community in which he lives. He has been an event volunteer with the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer group since 2015. He got involved in the group after helping his wife successfully recover from breast cancer. His background helped the organization conduct several fundraising campaigns, raising awareness of the group’s programs and allowing them to provide valuable services to breast cancer patients and survivors. To find out more about his personal perspective on the deadly disease, continue reading on his interactive blog site here.

The Roub Family graces the cover of Calabasas Style.

Mr. Roub also serves as the President of the Agoura Lacrosse Association’s Agoura High School chapter and was previously Treasurer for the non-profit entity. Again, his expertise in finance has proven to be very beneficial for the organization. Fundraising efforts and development of sponsorship partners has made the game of lacrosse affordable to a number of youth in the community. His efforts as an advocate for prevention of head trauma in contact sports can be found in this editorial.


Ipsissima Verba

An avid runner, Michael Roub has participated in a number of charity events in Southern California. One of his most recent running events was the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon held in downtown San Diego where as a member of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training, Michael successfully raised thousands of dollars for research.

A captivating snapshot as Roub enters the last leg of the race.

Michael is active on social media. Although he is not as prolific a Twitter user as other business executives, his own Twitter page shares information about his musical tastes with followers.

He posts information about his business activities, running events, and other news items on his Facebook profile. He has many followers on his Pinterest, Tumblr, and official website as well. On both, he shares his interests, news, and personal items with a broad range of others across the country.