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Lia Sophia is one of the most highly-regarded jewelry brands in the world.  Since 1971, the family-owned company has been providing a wide range of stunning jewelry pieces for women at affordable price points.

The company’s lineup exciting designs and superb craftsmanship for pieces like necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings.  A large selection of jewelry sets gives customers the choice of matched collections to complement any wardrobe and any occasion.

The brand’s claim to fame is the affordable nature of their jewelry.  Customers from around the world are able to select beautiful, luxurious jewelry accents at a fraction of the price of the company’s competitors.  This affordability helps make the brand’s jewelry into something that can be worn every day, for every occasion.  Casual gatherings, formal events, or office life are all perfect examples of places where Lia Sophia’s sophistication and craftsmanship add another layer of style to one’s wardrobe.

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Based in Chicago, Illinois, Lia Sophia was established in 1971 with the goal of providing women with affordable jewelry pieces they could wear for any occasion.  After many years of success in this category, Tory Kiam, the son of the company’s founder, took over the reins in 2004.  He and his wife revamped the company, naming the revised brand after their two young daughters (“Lia” and “Sophia”).  The newly launched brand blended the company’s tradition of giving women a wide range of jewelry pieces without the high prices and a new sense of style.  Under their guidance, the successful company reached new levels of revenue, employing thousands of people and generating millions of dollars in sales annually.

Tory’s wife Elena Kiam serves as the company’s Creative Director, bringing modern sensibilities and an eye for emerging trends to the ever-growing collection.  Hundreds of jewelry pieces are available from the company, and new items are added continually to the lineup. Lia Sophia jewelry can be found from the red carpet to the boardroom and everywhere in between.  The company’s online outlet offers customers a secure shopping experience, allowing them to select from a dizzying array of choices in items ranging from casual earrings to stackable bracelets and cuffs, statement rings, and more.

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One of the recent developments in the Lia Sophia collection is their signature “Red Carpet” jewelry pieces.  The company works with noted jewelry designers and fashion icons to develop the pieces in this collection.  Jewelry items in the Red Carpet collection tend to be a bit more formal than other items in the brand’s extensive inventory, but still give wearers a lot of versatility.  Stunning designs in the Red Carpet lineup include bold rings, jewel-encrusted drop earrings, and glamorous cuffs that blend Cleopatra-like styling with a hippie/boho vibe.  These cuffs are immensely popular with customers and can be work with casual attire or more formal wardrobe pieces to make a statement that others will notice.

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Lia Sophia continues to study fashion trends in order to develop new jewelry pieces.  Elena, the creative director, has a carefully-honed eye for emerging style trends and stays abreast of the fashion industry at large.  Her ability to bring glamour and style to the brand’s jewelry collection while remaining affordable is nothing less that masterful.  Lia Sophia’s jewelry items are exquisitely crafted with precious metals and rhinestones, giving them the look of much more expensive pieces.  The wide variety of jewelry pieces available through the company’s online outlet store gives consumers an incredible range of choices, allowing them to match understated, classic styles for specific wardrobes or to splurge a little on bold statement jewelry for special events.  As the years go by, Lia Sophia will be there to provide women with great jewelry they can afford, adding style to any occasion.

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Lia Sophia is active on social media, sharing information and news about the company with thousands of followers.  On their Facebook page, the company announces flash sales and promotional discounts on their stunning jewelry pieces, and are able to connect with over 200,000 fans of the brand and its outlet. The company’s Twitter feed attracts the attention of nearly 9000 followers by sharing style information, news, and tips covering a range of topics.  Inspirational photos and carefully-curated style advice is the hallmark of their active Pinterest page, attracting another 8000 fans who appreciate the brand’s eclectic collection of information.  Of course, their Instagram feed is filled with rich photographs of the brand’s stylish jewelry in real-world settings. The stunning photos showcase the company’s incredible style and variety.

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Fans browsing YouTube will discover hundreds of videos showcasing the brand’s gorgeous jewelry styles and their many satisfied customers from around the world.  These videos help reach a global audience and stand as a testament to the company’s rich history as one of the leading casual jewelry companies.