Leodis Matthews

Leodis Matthews Lawyer

Leodis Matthews is a renounced Los Angeles Attorney, specializing in corporate and real estate law. He currently works for Dacheng Law.

In Propria Persona

A long and storied legal career is the legacy of attorney Leodis C. Matthews.  Matthews  has nearly 40 years in the legal field, including a number of government postings.  He is currently a partner at the Dacheng Law Offices in the Los Angeles area.  Dancheng is a global conglomerate of attorneys, with over 4000 licensed practitioners worldwide.

Matthews currently works in corporate law, representing companies and business entities from China as well as from other Asian countries.  His background in administrative and commercial law gives him many advantages as he deals with the legal ramifications of international transactions and real property development both here and abroad.  His familiarity and expertise with the laws governing foreign direct investments and regulatory statutes makes him a valuable asset to Dacheng and to his many clients.

Matthews has a broad base of experience to draw upon, thanks to the varied legal positions he has had in his lengthy career.  Among his specialties are:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Federal employment law
  • Corporate finance
  • Civil Litigation
  • Real estate transaction law

A Priori

Leodis Matthews earned his Juris Doctor from Lewis & Clark Law School in Portland, Oregon in 1973.  After receiving his degree, Matthews went to work as a deputy district attorney for Oregon’s Multnomah County.  It was here that he honed the fundamentals required of trial attorneys, and this gave him valuable tools with which to litigate complex cases.

In the late 1970s, Matthews served as a senior attorney for the United States House of Representatives, Select Committee on Assassinations. During this time, that committee was engaged in the investigation of John F. Kennedy’s assassination.

Leodis Matthews went on to serve in several attorney positions with the United States Department of Justice, including

After his government positions, Matthews practiced law in Frankfurt, Germany as a founding partner in the Matthews & Kelso firm , representing business clients in the areas of construction, securities law, and commercial ventures.   Leodis Matthews speaks fluent German, and his international experience has paid off by giving him vast experience in dealing with complex trade laws and even more complex business contracts.

Matthews later went on to establish himself with his own law firms in the United States, first with Matthews & Partners, then as a solo practitioner.  During his time with his firms, both in the greater Los Angeles area, he engaged in a wide variety of legal issues, including entertainment law, mergers/acquisitions, complex civil litigation, and procurement contracts.  Matthews has been involved in so many aspects of criminal and civil law that he is capable of representing clients from any business or for any legal protection.  His commitment to excellence in his own practices as well as his desire to represent his clients with the utmost integrity has helped him achieve great success throughout his career.

Leodis Matthews gives back

Leodis Matthews has won several momentous cases,  including a multi-billion dollar “going private” transaction

Ad Colligenda Bona

Leodis C. Matthews currently works as a Senior Consultant for the Dacheng Law Offices.  At the company’s overseas offices in Los Angeles, Matthews helps clients with their legal issues.  His concentration is business law and corporate partnerships, representing corporate clients as they negotiate mergers, investments in foreign real estate and companies, and regulatory concerns.  His vast experience both as a criminal and a civil lawyer makes him eminently suitable to handle this diverse array of litigation for his clients.

Mr. Matthews is currently licensed to practice law by the:

  • Oregon State Bar
  • California State Bar
  • District of Columbia Bar

He also holds licenses for Federal district law practice and licenses to appear before several Courts of Appeals, including:

    • Federal District Court Southern District of California
    • Oregon District
    • Western District of Washington State
    • Northern District of Texas
    • Northern District of Ohio
    • Courts of Appeals for the Fifth, Sixth, and Ninth Circuit Courts
    • United States Claims Court
    • Court of International Trade
    • United States Supreme Court

Matthews’ extensive licensure and ability to appear before a number of courts has given him considerable advantages over his competitors, and has also made him a valuable asset to the firms he has worked with.  With Dacheng, Matthews is able to represent diverse clients in many court settings, allowing him to practice at the very best of his abilities in many legal settings.

Ex Fida Bona

Since 2007, Matthews has served as Honorary Consul of Liechtenstein to the Western and Southwestern United States.  Matthews is an unofficial representative of the United States, serving to facilitate friendship and trade partnerships with the Principality of Liechtenstein in this honorary role.

Matthews is a member in good standing, according to the California State Bar.  He is listed in many online legal directories, thanks to his decades of service in litigation throughout the United States and abroad.

He has done extensive contract work for the government since leaving the U.S. Department of Justice.  Over the past decade, Matthews has been involved in legal contract work worth many thousands of dollars.

Matthews will continue to represent diverse clients from a number of industries as a consultant for Dacheng.  His decades of expertise in litigation have served him and his clients very well indeed.

Leodis Matthews and California Congresswoman