Larry Rintala

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Larry Rintala

Larry Rintala G.S.C. is the late owner of Harbour City Drywall, as well as a former professor and a published author. He published the book “Where The Forest Trail Meets The River” (, which was released to considerable acclaim in 2011.

With more than 35 years in the trade and construction industry, Larry developed Harbour City ( from a fledgling drywall installation firm to one of the most reputable construction firms in North America. Today, the company carries on his legacy and delivers a wide range of construction and installation services characterized by exceptional quality and competitive rates. Among the services provided by the firm are drywall repair installation, and replacement, ceiling installation, steel framing, metal framing, soundproofing insulation, and acoustic soundproofing. Harbour City services clients in Nanaimo, BC, as well as Vancouver Island, and the surrounding areas.

A Priori

Larry Rintala started his professional career in 1973 as a helper and clean-up person at Rick’s Drywall. With a clientele comprised of single and multi-family homes in the mid-island area, the job was a valuable training ground for Larry. After working at Rick’s for a few years, he partnered with a coworker in order to start up Inter-City Drywall. He would later buy out his partner and continue on running the firm himself.

Larry Rintala

At that point, Larry was beginning to take in more and more construction jobs. When the demand for construction services gradually declined, Larry began working as a faller and a skidder operator. Nevertheless, he continued on working with drywall during the weekends and holidays. It was in 1981 when Larry was able to amass enough clients to return to wall and ceiling work fulltime, establishing Harbour Drywall Systems Ltd. (later renamed Harbour City Drywall Ltd.) in 1984.

Ad Colligenda Bona

Today, Harbour City offers a wide range of services to clients in the Nanaimo area. Among the services offered by the firm are drywall repair and installation, insulation work, T-bar and steel stud installation, acoustic and soundproofing work, and contractor services. The company’s clientele comprises a wide range of commercial firms and government institutions, with past projects involving work for restaurants, schools, financial institutions, malls, grocery stores, gas stations, and medical offices, among others.

Larry was an active member of the Nanaimo Toastmasters International Club for more than ten years. During this time, he would often regale the other members of the club with tales of his adventures as a youth. A natural storyteller who grew up on Thatcher Road, Larry had plenty of material to draw on for his stories, which he continued to nurture and develop as he worked towards his Competent Toastmaster (CTM) designation. After years of gathering together these stories and fleshing them out, Larry was encouraged to compile them into a book that would become known as “Where the Forest Trail Meets the River”.

Larry Rintala

Ex Fida Bona

As owner and founder of Harbour City Drywall Ltd., Larry was no stranger to acclaim. After more than a decade of operations, the firm he founded was awarded the Gold Seal Certification (G.S.C.) by the Canadian Construction Association, which is the highest honor that could be bestowed on a construction firm in Canada. Positive reviews also came pouring in from numerous satisfied clients that the firm had serviced over the years.

An avowed ‘people person’, Larry always believed in maintaining close ties to the community, in both his professional and personal life. He played an active role in the formation of a committee devoted to organizing the Extension fire department, and in fact served as a volunteer fireman for the same community. His work in this area also led to him becoming a trustee for both the Extension and South Wellington fire departments.

Larry Rintala

Larry’s professional career resulted in him becoming a member of the Vancouver Island Construction Association, where he has held a seat since 1983. From 1985 to 1995, he sat on the board of the association, assuming the same position from 2001 to 2011. From 2009 to 2010, he served as chairman of the association. He has also been a longtime member of the Nanaimo Home Builders and the North West and the British Columbia Wall and Ceiling Associations, and served as an alternate on the British Columbia Construction Association Board.

Ex Post

Years after breaking into the business, and up to his final days, Larry remained committed to the drywall industry in which he has been a part for so long. Never one to stand still for very long, he continues to operate a portable sawmill, skid steer, and excavator during the weekends. He enjoyed attending Spanish language classes for the past five years (“for fun”), although he was fluent in both English and Spanish.

Larry Rintala

Writing is something that was always close to Larry’s heart, and the success of his book “Where the Forest Trail Meets the River” inspired him to work on a sequel that would extend the story into his years as a teenager. This unfortunately was never completed.

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