Keith Towns

In Propria Persona

Keith Towns

Keith Towns is a financial accounting specialist with a career spanning over thirty years. The owner and of Emerge Financial Group, Keith is also a business analyst and project manager with extensive experience in telecommunications, and even in local government.

Throughout much of his career, Keith has played a central role in the delivery of state-of-the-art technical solutions for specific business problems.

One of Keith’s greatest strengths is his ability to formulate creative solutions. Self-motivated, reliable, and dedicated to providing the highest quality of service possible, he is especially adept at working in high pressure scenarios. These qualities combined with the flexibility to work in a constantly changing environment have placed Keith in the ideal position to head Emerge, which itself has proven to be a hugely successful venture.

Specialist finance management firm Emerge Financial Group is based in Fairfield, California. The firm provides a wide range of services including small business consulting, month-end closing, accounting policy management, and system assessment. Under Keith Towns’ leadership, Emerge has developed into the foremost accounting and financial services firm in the Bay Area.

A Priori

Towns got his start in the financial industry while still in college, when he took on an accountancy position at the financial firm Davenport. There he gained extensive experience that would prove to be invaluable to his career even many years later.

After his stint at Davenport’s, Keith established his own firm named Priority Financial Services. The company’s wide range of quality accounting and tax services earned significant renown in the Bay Area, particularly among the firm’s corporate and individual clients. Keith’s success with Priority would lay the groundwork for the next big step of his career: the establishment of Emerge Financial Group.

Ad Colligenda Bona

Emerge Financial Group was the result of a partnership between Keith and Doris Chatman and James Lane, both of whom were tasked with heading the fledgling company’s accounting division. When the firm expanded to include a WealthCare division, Gene Hilliard was signed onto the Emerge team in order to head that division.

Keith is an extremely well-versed business professional.

In the fifteen years that Emerge has been in business, it has managed to become the premier financial management firm on the West Coast. With a broad clientele that consists of professionals and practitioners from the medical, legal, real estate, entertainment, and sports industries, the company has made a name for itself that goes beyond its geographical boundaries.

Emerge Financial Group is located at One Harbor Center, Suite 280, Suisun City.

Ex Fida Bona

Emerge offers a wealth of investment services ideally suited to the needs of individuals, business professionals, and corporations. By scrutinizing each investment opportunity thoroughly, the firm’s team of investment specialists headed by Keith Towns himself works to ensure the most favorable return for clients.

Business planning is another area in which the Emerge Financial Group excels. A streamlined and proactive approach to the business gives each client the benefit of personalized service, with partners, accountants, and staff working closely together in order to provide the highest quality of service possible. With its innovative approach to business planning, Emerge is able to help clients realize their business and financial goals.

Shown in the image above is a snapshot taken after a consultation.

Ex Post

Emerge Financial Group was established with the goal of helping each client increase their financial worth. This is the main thrust of the company in everything that it does, and with every client that it services. This overriding business philosophy is a large part of what has made Emerge so successful at what it does, and its track record of satisfied customers is a gleaming reminder of just how valuable its services are. Today, the company remains committed to the goal of being the best financial services firm on the West Coast, a goal which is made all the more attainable with Keith Towns at the helm.

Ipsissima Verba 

Emerge Financial Group has earned numerous accolades over the years, from clients as well as industry peers and business partners. According to the Levantine Cultural Center, Keith was cited for his effectiveness as a project manager, and his equal facility with business analysis. The write-up on the site also mentioned Keith’s solid reputation in the industry.

Mythofcaesar, a new platform, echoed these same sentiments, going into detail about Keith’s proven expertise in monitoring and business planning. The write-up spoke of Keith’s flexibility and fortitude in no uncertain terms, citing his ability to deliver consistently outstanding results even in the most high pressure situations. From the writer’s estimation, the unique brand of services offered by Keith by way of Emerge Financial Group is essential to the success of any business.



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