Keith McKittrick

In Propria Persona

Keith McKittrick has had a rewarding and successful career in hockey, working with players at the collegiate and professional levels both as a coach and as a mentor. He has been instrumental at developing players, scouting for new talent, and helping to manage the professional careers of hockey players in the National Hockey League (NHL). Keith currently serves as the Executive Vice President of North American Hockey Operations at Gold Star Sports Management, a leading firm that is responsible for helping professional players get the most from their careers. Keith is known for his diverse talents and commitment to the players he works with. He makes his home in the greater Detroit metro area of Michigan.

A Priori

Keith was born in Boston, Massachusetts. He was active in youth sports there and after he moved with his family to Minnesota. Here, he discovered the game of hockey and played at the high school level along with football. He graduated from Hutchinson High School in Hutchinson, Minnesota and enrolled at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, earning a bachelor’s degree in sports management in 2005. Both his undergraduate education and his many years of hockey participation prepared him for future challenges; his natural leadership and ability to inspire other players would serve him well as he entered the next phase of his career.


Keith didn’t wait long to begin his journey toward success. While he was completing his undergraduate studies, he worked with the NHL Minnesota Wild team as an assistant. With the Wild, a Western Conference team, he would begin to develop coaching skills that he would carry with him to teams in the future.

Upon graduating from the University of Minnesota, his first employment was as the Director of Hockey Operations for Michigan State University’s Spartans team. His role here was to develop players at the collegiate level as well as to work with programs like the Michigan State Hockey School for young students and the MSU Blue Line boosters club. As the Director of the hockey program, his primary responsibility was to provide in-game and post-game feedback to the players on the Spartans team. This served to help the players develop their skills. Keith also traveled around the country as a hockey recruiter and talent scout for the team, meeting with young players who wished to pursue their goals at MSU. Keith had many other responsibilities as Director of the program, including overseeing travel budgets, team logistics, and coaching schedules. With him at the helm of the program, the MSU Spartans achieved a National Hockey Championship victory in 2007.

In 2008, Mr. McKittrick was hired by the Detroit Red Wings, another NHL team, to be their assistant video coach. His role for the organization was to manage video feed capture of practice sessions and games throughout the hockey season. This footage was then used to develop player reviews and reports, giving valuable feedback to the entire staff of the Red Wings organization. Keith also had the opportunity to work directly with players during on-ice practices. His coaching skills and experience as a player himself was vital in helping players hone their skills, enhancing their training programs and game play as a result. Keith was with the Red Wings for six successful years.


Keith then relocated to Portland, Oregon in 2014, where he took on the role of Assistant Coach for the Portland Winterhawks junior team. The Winterhawks are a member of the Western Hockey League, one of three leagues that make up the larger Canadian Hockey League. Keith worked one-on-one with players both on and off the ice, again serving a valuable role in developing athletic skills. He also engaged in recruitment and player scouting duties for the club.

Ad Colligenda Bona

In 2016, Keith was hired by the Gold Star Sport Management Group as the Executive Vice President of North American Hockey Operations. The firm, based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, works directly with collegiate and professional athletes, helping them to build their careers. Keith works directly with players, developing their talents and providing professional opportunities for them. His relationships with many NHL scouts works to give players the exposure they need to take their athletic careers to the next level. Keith’s experience and his ability to assist players through all aspects of their careers has made him an integral part of the Gold Star management team, helping to solidify the firm’s position as the leading athletic player representative firm in the world.

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Ex Fida Bona

In 2006, he was selected to be part of the coaching staff of Team USA. As the video coach for the team, he took the players all the way to the 2006 Five Nations Tournament. The hockey team went on to compete in Leksand, Sweden in the 2007 International Ice Hockey Federation World Junior Championships, where the team earned a bronze medal for their play. Keith’s expert coaching abilities and his skill in bringing out the best in his players made him a valuable contributor to the team’s efforts.


Ex Post

Keith McKittrick recently applied to the National Hockey League Players’ Association (NHLPA), the union for active hockey players in the NHL. The organization protects players’ interests through collective bargaining agreements and contract negotiation. The NHLPA also sets professional standards for player agents. At the organization, Keith hopes to bring his vast experiences as a coach and as a mentor to the governing team. His skill in working with players and developing their natural athletic abilities have made him widely respected in the professional ranks.

Ipsissima Verba

Keith McKittrick is active on a variety of social media platforms. His blog site is a place where he shares information about his coaching career as well as inspirational messages with his followers. On his Facebook page, he gives glimpses into his personal life, sharing photos of his adventures with an enthusiastic group of fans. Just like his Facebook page, his Flickr stream is a treasure trove of photos. Keith shares pictures of his family, his professional life, and his interests with followers there. His Tumblr page also offers a look at his professional work, helping visitors to understand Keith’s wide range of talents as a coach and as a player development expert. Finally, his YouTube channel provides short clips of Keith as he is interviewed before a Detroit Red Wings game. He discusses players and the season ahead in the clips.