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Kansas Counselors

Kansas Counselors (KCI) is a collection agency that provides a range of collection and related services to individual and corporate clients in and around Kansas City.

A full-service collection firm, KCI helps clients turn their accounts receivables into actual revenue with an extensive array of state-of-the-art collection tools and services. The company serves as a professional accounts receivable management firm with nationwide scope, and it offers professional liability insurance as well. Assigning fulltime liaisons to each client, the firm ensures the availability of qualified personnel who will answer every customer inquiry. With its extensive range of services and expertise in a wide variety of collection-related scenarios, KCI has proven itself to be an indispensible asset to customers.

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Kansas Counselors

Kansas Counselors, Inc. (http://kcikc.com) was founded in 1960. The firm was established with the goal of collecting money in the service of creditors, which for the company founder was one of the most honorable business endeavors that anyone could undertake. Believing that most people are actually willing to pay their obligations were it not for certain circumstances that prevented them from doing so, KCI’s founder took it upon himself to set up a service that would counsel and advise people on how to settle their obligations. Thus, the company was born.

In its more than 45 years in the collection business, KCI has seen numerous developments come and go. From spiraling interest rates and stock market variances to rising health care costs, KCI has seen it all, and the insight gained has been instrumental in helping resolve past due obligations between creditor and debtor.

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Kansas Counselors

KCI takes a uniquely creative approach to collection, one that contrasts sharply with standard methods and techniques common in the industry. Unlike most other firms, KCI avoids the overly-aggressive and confrontational approach that has come to typify the debt collection business. Instead, KCI strives to counsel debtors in order to help them come up with an agreeable solution to their concerns. “Compassionate persistence” is the approach adopted by all the company’s collectors, and working with debtors–rather than against them–has proven to be a beneficial approach in most scenarios.

Apart from its range of collection and related services, KCI also provides free training and educational seminars, free credit bureau listings, and free skip tracing services. This last service is especially useful in cases wherein the debtor has vacated his or her last known address, and did not leave a forwarding address.

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Kansas Counselors

With its range of qualified services and highly-skilled and well-trained professionals, KCI is able to function as a virtual extension of the client’s business. This close coordination with the client’s business operations enables the firm to mount a concentrated and consistent effort to maintain contact with debtors and work with them to find ways by which they could make good on their obligations. By addressing these issues early on and consistently working to find a resolution, KCI helps firms avoid more costly and more difficult measures later on.

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Already one of the most effective and most capable collection assistance and advisory firms in the business, KCI remains committed to delivering the same high level of service that it has become known for all these years. The company is constantly focused on honing and developing its approach to collections, tailoring its methods in order to accommodate the specific needs of its clients. Even with its exemplary track record of successful recoveries and satisfied clients, KCI strives to remain at the forefront of the industry and to serve its clients in the most effective way possible.

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Kansas Counselors

Their many years of experience in the industry has resulted in significant acclaim for the company, both on the strength of its services and the sheer professionalism of its staff. A search of Google reviews (https://www.google.com/search?num=100&safe=off&client=opera&q=kansas+counselors) shows numerous positive reviews for the company, many from some of the most reputable clients in their respective fields. One particular review, submitted by Business Updater had this to say about KCI: “The company has received a rating of A+ from the Greater Kansas City Better Business Bureau. An accredited business, KCI has been ranked based on its performance and responsiveness to consumer inquiries.”

On YellowPages.com (http://www.yellowpages.com/shawnee-mission-ks/mip/kansas-counselors-inc-464861161) a number of clients have also submitted favorable reviews on prior experience with the firm. One customer lauded the company’s team of professional collectors for their efficiency and effectiveness, saying that “They really do try to help!” One other client appreciated KCI’s quick and focused approach to debt collection, having used them extensively for collections in relation to patients in the medical industry.

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