Jordan Rodbell

In Propria Persona

Jordan Rodbell

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Jordan Rodbell has many years of experience as a substance abuse counselor and in medical practice management. With a background in information technology, Jordan brings a fresh perspective to practice management roles, streamlining work processes for the facilities where he was employed.

Jordan is currently a master’s degree candidate, focusing on public health policy.  He expects to complete his coursework in 2016.  He is also immersed in education for entrepreneurship skills with a goal of bringing his varied educational background to bear in healthcare facility management roles in the future.

While not working toward his degree or in the healthcare field, Jordan likes to travel. He is learning several languages, including Italian and Spanish.  He is fluent in English and modern Hebrew, which has served him in his travels around the globe.

A Priori

Jordan Rodbell began his educational path at Yeshiva University on the Lower East Side of New York City.  While there, he earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in management information systems.  Yeshiva’s prestigious background, combining Jewish scholarship with a solid foundation of liberal arts programs, prepared Jordan for an immersive role in business management and its related IT systems.

Once Jordan completed his undergraduate studies, he entered the working world, first as a systems engineer for a network systems firm in New York City.  Later, he took on a role at the Queens Boulevard Extended Care Facility in Woodside, New York as the facility’s systems administrator.  It was here that he first had exposure to medical practice management and healthcare programs, kindling a deep interest in those fields.  As the systems administrator, Jordan developed a reputation for being able to share complex knowledge with the technical staff serving under him.  He and his team supported the healthcare facility’s software infrastructure and networking needs, transforming staff computing there into a state-of-the-art IT solution that greatly improved patient tracking and data collection.

Jordan was drawn to the substance abuse treatment field, moving to Florida in 2011 and working first as a house manager for an inpatient abuse treatment facility in Ocklawaha.  Later at that same facility, he became an admissions associate.  By interacting directly with current inpatients at the facility as well as those seeking treatment and their families, Jordan developed a passion for giving back to those in need. At the treatment center, Jordan applied his systems management experience by coordinating with medical and clinical staff members.  This improved workflow at the facility.  He saw the need for documenting patients and their substance abuse histories as well as the personal reasons they sought addiction treatment and began to do so, meeting with patients to record their experiences.  This was met with great approval by the medical team at the facility, which was able to use that information to tailor treatment program options to specific needs.  Jordan’s creativity and strong writing skills made him a highly valuable asset on the facility staff.

Jordan Rodbell

Other work in the healthcare field brought him to the Atlanta area in 2012.  He worked as a practice manager for a pediatric clinic in the city, applying both his systems administration and business skills to the organization.  He was able to improve marketing strategies for the clinic while revamping the financial and business operations to run more smoothly.  The medical practice was able to grow in a dramatic fashion, thanks to Jordan’s expert guidance.

Ad Colligenda Bona

Jordan Rodbell is currently enrolled at the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.  Jordan is a master’s degree candidate there, specializing in health policy and healthcare practice management.  His concentration is in mental health applications, a topic that his work with substance abuse patients kindled his interests in. He is expected to receive his degree in 2016.

As if his educational plate isn’t full enough, Jordan is also dual-enrolled in the Goizueta Buisness School at Emory, where he is taking coursework in entrepreneurship and business marketing. His goal is to use his varied skills to improve healthcare practices, corporations, or non-governmental organizations that focus on bettering public health and wellness for those in need.

Ex Post

As Jordan Rodbell completes his master’s degree program, he has been looking into the future.  With his varied professional experiences and well-rounded education, he is uniquely suited to any number of career paths.  His passion, though, lies with public and mental health practices – a passion that was fostered by his experience working with substance abuse patients at an inpatient facility in Florida.  His systems administration, networking, and entrepreneurial skills will allow Jordan to be a critical asset to any organization interested in streamlining their operations, reaching new markets, or expanding their practices.

Ipsissima Verba

Jordan Rodbell is an active participant on social media platforms.  He is able to make connections with like-minded healthcare professionals and entrepreneurs with his insights into practice management and systems administration, while he also attracts followers to his varied interests.  On his Twitter feed, Jordan shares nutritional health and wellness tips with an enthusiastic following.

Pinterest serves as a place where Jordan can post photographs of his extensive travels and his many personal interests.  His many followers there can get a glimpse of what makes him tick, from interior design projects to far-flung vacation destinations, inspirational quotes, and much more.  He also uses the Houzz platform to share some of the photographs he has taken in his travels around the world.

Jordan Rodbell

Although he is new to social video sharing platforms, he has recently joined Vimeo.  On his Vimeo channel, he is able to share video-based resume information as well as some of his insights into mental health practice management.