Halden Zimmermann

In Propria Persona

Noted business leader and marketing expert Halden Zimmermann has spent many years helping companies around the globe identify new markets and capitalize on the opportunities those markets presented.  Halden possesses a wide range of skills, from process engineering and continuous improvement to sales, marketing, and strategic asset management.  He has worked in several fields, including the medical device industry, plastics manufacturing, and aerospace product development. Halden currently serves as the president of a prominent motion control manufacturing firm in the Chicago metropolitan area.

A Priori

Halden attended Clarkson University in Potsdam, New York.  He earned two bachelor’s degrees there, one in mechanical engineering and the other in engineering management.  This dual undergraduate experience helped prepare him for a fast entry into the business world; his versatility and vast knowledge of engineering processes coupled with sound business principles would help him as he rose through the ranks.

He then earned an MBA in 2003 from the University of Rochester William E. Simon Graduate School of Business Administration.  The major portion of coursework at the school was to challenge students by demanding problem-solving skills to be applied to complex business operations.  The coursework served to build upon many of Halden’s undergraduate experiences and helped lay the foundation for future successes.  Striving for even more formal education, Halden completed certification in Lean Six Sigma, strategic asset management, and customer service training.  These certifications equipped him with tools that would carry him to new heights of success at the corporations he lent his talents to.

His first work out of school was at Valeo, a multinational automotive parts manufacturer that is headquartered in France.  He began as a process engineer for the firm and was quickly identified by the company’s leadership as having solid management skills.  He was quickly promoted to plant operations manager, where he helped the company to develop streamlined manufacturing processes. His next job was at the Rio Tinto Corporation in its plastics division. Here, he worked as a marketing manager and was able to demonstrate his keen ability to explore emerging global markets.  He collaborated extensively with the division’s sales team as well as allied professionals in other marketing endeavors, developing strategies that would help Rio Tinto capitalize on new market niches. He was in many roles at the corporation, including its director of continuous improvement and later the division’s Global Marketing Director.  His thorough knowledge of industry best practices and his quest to streamline manufacturing operations worked to earn him the respect of his peers, both within the company and in other areas of the manufacturing industry.

His next move was to join the team at Cardinal Health in Dublin, Ohio. Here, Halden served with the firms’s Medical Products Division as their Director of Marketing and Pricing Strategy.  He personally oversaw a $9 billion medical products business that served laboratory, hospital, and medical clinic operations across the globe.  Halden was directly responsible for marketing and strategic pricing for the division, guiding the company toward increased revenue and market share as they tapped into emerging markets.   In 2010, Halden moved to the Danaher Corporation, where he took over as the vice president and general manager of the company’s division known as Leica Microsystems.  Here, he worked as the manager of a dynamic team of over 150 salespeople and dealer representatives. His innovative marketing strategies and his solid understanding of markets, especially as it pertained to the healthcare, military, and aerospace industries, placed him in a critical role to the firm as it experienced continued expansion into new manufacturing sectors. With Halden’s expert guidance, the sales team was able to greatly increase revenue while reducing overhead costs of manufacturing. Cost-saving initiatives and operational streamlining strategies were additional processes he was able to accomplish at Leica Microsystems.

Ad Colligenda Bona

Currently, Halden Zimmermann is the President of Ametek, a motion control solutions company that is involved in manufacturing of switches, rotary controls, and linear actuators in use across the automotive, military, and aerospace industries.  Here, Halden’s skill in process engineering and management have been able to guide the company to reduce operating costs for the company.  His continuous improvement knowledge and understanding of manufacturing complexities were able to help the company implement streamlining processes within the manufacturing operations.  With nine global fabrication facilities and over 650 employees around the world, these savings added up quickly.  His skill in the concept of “disruptive innovation” has identified and capitalized on emerging market segments.  By tapping emerging markets and creating new ones through product development and process improvement, Halden was vital for the company’s continued growth and success.


Ex Fida Bona

In addition to his work with corporations around the world, Halden is also an active writer.  He has authored several insightful articles for major business publications like Bloomberg News, Morningstar, and Unity Magazine. Much of his writing work centers on disruptive innovation, a field that he is uniquely suited to explore.  His groundbreaking study of the processes and strategies behind developing market-disrupting goods and services has earned him accolades from business professionals and manufacturing company owners around the world.

Halden is also the author of a popular book entitled Halden Zimmermann’s Guide to High Impact Blogs for Life Changing Income. Available on Amazon in both print and electronic editions, the book helps amateur bloggers develop and monetize blogs using the “high impact blogging” concept. His natural ability in disassembling complex marketing and development strategies and making them understandable to the layperson has made the book a must-read for many people who wish to earn income from their writing work.

Ipsissima Verba

Halden Zimmermann maintains an active resume on his LinkedIn profile. He is also very active in social media, with many thousands of followers on his Facebook and Twitter pages. On each of these social media platforms, Halden shares details about his career and the principles of disruptive innovation with followers. He also has active profiles on Goodreads and Flickr.

Some of Halden’s blogs receive incredible amounts of site traffic, thanks to his ability to share his knowledge and his strategies with others.  Some of the outstanding blogs and web properties he is responsible for include his Halden Zimmermann page and his Foursquare profile.