Giuseppe Grammatico


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In Propria Persona

Giuseppe is a sales and marketing specialist and accomplished entrepreneur with a successful track record in starting up and managing businesses. Combining his extensive training and education in financial services and an innate talent in sales and marketing, he has shaped an impressive career that has culminated in his role as president of his own firm, Grammatico Enterprises Inc.

A Priori

He attended Rider University in New Jersey, where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Investments. He went on to enroll in the college’s Entrepreneurial Studies program, and subsequently earned his Master’s degree. With his strong background in investment and finances, he was then poised to make a start in his professional career.

Immediately after obtaining his Master’s degree, he worked as an investment wholesaler at Alliance Bernstein, were he stayed for a little under two years. While at the firm, Giuseppe helped the company secure more than $1 Billion in sales of financial products, resulting in a 200% increase in company revenue.

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From January 2004 to February 2007, Grammatico took on another investment wholesaler position at JP Morgan Asset Management, and later became a sales manager at the firm. While at JP Morgan, he covered the company’s sales territories and co-managed a team of ten desk wholesalers. He was also tasked with writing performance reviews, developing client portfolios, and interviewing potential applicants. Such was the importance of Giuseppe’s role at JP Morgan that he was often involved in the company’s strategic planning activities.

It was perhaps in his role as sales manager that he was most effective. A born salesman with a seemingly intuitive salesman-like approach, he was also an avowed people person for whom connecting with people came naturally. These qualities proved to be essential in helping him make a significant contribution to JP Morgan. By the time he left, he helped market and sell more than $250 million in financial products.

Giuseppe’s main areas of specialization during this period were the sale of mutual funds, separately managed accounts, and qualified retirement plans. He routinely connected with financial representatives during this stage of his career, spending most of his time on field visits, attending client meetings, and participating in industry sales conferences. With his innate ability to forge solid business relationships with fund wholesalers all across the United States, he played a huge role in the addition of 200 new customers to the company’s client list, and an increase in its annual revenue by 300%. His approach to expanding the company’s client base may have been simple–wholesaler follow-ups, cold calling and referrals–but the 20% increase in clientele was testament to the effectiveness of his approach.

Ad Colligenda Bona

Today, Giuseppe owns and operates his own successful business, Grammatico Enterprises Inc. As president of the firm, he has a solid grasp of the company’s future potential, as well as the numerous challenges that he has encountered along the way. From a fledgling regional franchise with a modicum of local success to a multimillion-dollar earning corporation, Giuseppe has taken his company up a long and challenging, but ultimately rewarding climb.

One of Giuseppe’s most noteworthy accomplishments was restructuring the business from a local franchise model to one that was employee-based. The results of his efforts proved to be fruitful, and the company today is one of the biggest employers in the area. With $3 million in annual revenues from service franchises, $2 million from the sales of 65 franchises, and more than $25 million in earnings since the company was founded, Grammatico Enterprises has proven to be its founder’s most profitable business venture.

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Ex Fida Bona

Grammatico is a man of wide and varied interests, and he spends much of his time attending to various advocacies which he is passionate about. Along with his wife, he is an avid supporter of the International FPIES Association (I-FPIES), a non-profit organization founded by a longtime friend of the family, Fallon Schultz. I-FPIES was set up with the goal of providing support, education, and training in the various aspects of FPIES or Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome. By having provided their time, talents, and financial support over the years, he and his wife hope to do their share in contributing to the FPIES advocacy.

Giuseppe also likes spending time with his friends and family, and he coaches a soccer team in Howell, New Jersey when his schedule permits.

Ex Post

Today, Grammatico is focused on taking his firm to its next level of growth and development. With his unwavering commitment to quality and unflagging interest in finding the next new business opportunity, he undoubtedly has a long and successful future ahead of him.