Frank Weglarz

Frank Weglarz zoning expert

Frank Weglarz has excelled in providing specialized HVAC services such as humidification, zoning, and forced air to the greater Chicago Area

In Propria Persona

Frank Weglarz is the owner of a prominent heating and cooling contracting company in Highland Park, Illinois.  Action Air HVAC Construction is his company, and he specializes in all aspects of HVAC construction, maintenance, and service throughout the Chicago metro area.   The company has been in business since 2003, and in that time has developed a reputation for excellence. Frank is often referred to as “The HVAC Guy”, based on his years of experience in the field and his ability to provide outstanding customer service at affordable rates.

Frank concentrates on project estimation for the company, ensuring that the projects his company undertakes are on budget, on time, and on spec.  He also reviews subcontractor bids to find the best pricing and budget for complex construction projects.

A Priori

Frank holds two degrees from Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois.  He earned a Bachelor of Arts in both general finance and sociology/anthropology in 2006. While in college, Frank was active with the football and track and field programs.  Involvement in philanthropic and public works activities was also part of his preparatory years, providing him with a foundation that encourages him to give back to the communities he serves.

Frank’s extensive college preparation has given him the tools to excel as project estimator.  With a solid understanding of budget needs, potential variables in the construction process, and overall development costs, Frank can get projects done within time and monetary constraints.  And, with his background in sociology, he is able to make personal connections with the contractors, workmen, and suppliers crucial to project completion.  These connections help cement the working relationships on project jobsites, paving the way for a smooth, successful completion of difficult construction initiatives.

Ad Colligenda Bona

With his skill negotiating complex construction contracts and his strategic planning expertise, it’s no wonder Frank approaches every job with a keen eye for detail.  It’s a trait he has passed on to his technicians, allowing them to perform at the very top of competency in this fast-paced and highly specialized field.

Besides heating and cooling projects, Frank is also an expert in the emerging technology of tankless on-demand water heaters for residence and business applications.   These tankless water heaters offer users a nearly endless supply of hot water, all while saving energy costs.

Frank’s company Action Air HVAC Construction offers a full range of services for their many satisfied clients.  These services include:

  • Whole-house air duct cleaning
  • Equipment installations
  • Air filtration
  • Repairs
  • Routine maintenance

Frank’s dedicated team of professional technicians strive to do jobs accurately, effectively, and within budget.  Frank’s affordable rates are some of the best in the Chicago metropolitan area.  Competition is fierce in that region’s market, and Frank Weglarz has been able to rise to the top, thanks to his dedication and fair pricing structure.

Frank Weglarz HVAC Professional and his wife Jessica Weglarz

Frank Weglarz and his wife Jessica handle daily operations of Action Air HVAC Construction, Inc.

Ex Fida Bona

Since establishing his company in 2003, Frank has gone on to assist hundreds of clients throughout the Chicago area.  His skill in providing quality service at competitive prices makes him highly sought-after in the field of heating, ventilation, and cooling.

Frank ensures that his technicians have the best training, the most advanced tools, and the certifications to back up all that hard work.  The company and its employees are bonded, insured, and possess all the operations licenses demanded by the State of Illinois.

It’s little wonder why so many people have chosen Frank & Action Air for all their HVAC needs.  With fast turnaround times, and the experience to get the job done right, Frank’s skillset is the right one.

Ipsissima Verba 

Frank is active on social media, sharing personal tidbits as well as his business information on platforms like Google +  and Facebook .  He posts inspirational messages on his Pinterest board.  Using social media also helps Frank connect with new clients, forging connections and providing information so that his potential customers can make informed decisions about choosing his company over others.

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