Eric Schames

In Propria Persona

Eric Schames has built a reputation of success on his hard work and unflinching enthusiasm for new opportunities. Although Eric is a young man, he has already achieved business successes that many can only dream about. His innovative work in the healthcare administration industry earned him the recognition of his peers, while his background in real estate has given him the ability to negotiate complex business deals. Eric is a native of Los Angeles, California, where he lives and works today. He currently serves as the Principal for StartupLoft, a launchpad, advisory firm, and incubator for business startups and early stage ventures.

A Priori

Eric Schames was born and raised in the city of Los Angeles, California. After completing high school, Eric enrolled in the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) in 1999. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in art history and conservation. This undergraduate education may seem unusual for someone of Eric’s pedigree as a business professional. However, critical thinking and analysis are both crucial aspects of both art and business disciplines. Eric was able to develop the ability to master complex relationships, regardless of the industry he was involved in. This skill would prove especially beneficial as he undertook several business ventures in the future.

Eric went on to earn his Juris Doctorate in 2006 at the Washington University in St. Louis School of Law in St. Louis, Missouri. The school boasts one of the leading private university law schools, according to publications like US News & World Report. Eric was to practice law for several years following his graduation from the prestigious program. However, despite the rewards and challenges of the legal profession, he felt the call of the business world. His first role in the field was as a transaction manager for a prominent real estate development and sales firm in the Los Angeles area. He worked in that capacity for nearly four years before striking out on his own.

The healthcare field was a perfect fit for Eric Schames and his talents. His first successful business venture came about in 2010 when he founded and launched MedLien Solutions in the Los Angeles area. The firm was a specialist in medical practice management, especially for the unique demands of Workers’ Compensation care providers throughout the United States. Eric worked as the CEO and guided the company to impressive growth and profitability. From humble origins with a small workforce, Eric’s leadership helped position the company as a dominant force in healthcare administration.

In 2014, Eric stepped away from MedLien to forge ahead on his new venture. OPUS Telehealth was the name of his next project, and it promised innovation in the healthcare field. Located in the Los Angeles area, OPUS developed cutting-edge telehealth platforms along with providing practice management solutions for Worker’s Compensation physicians across the country. The telehealth platforms developed by OPUS enable care providers to interact directly with patients, no matter where they are in the world. Today, the company has grown to over 100 employees and is among the healthcare field leaders in technology-based telehealth solutions.

Ad Colligenda Bona

Eric Schames founded StartupLoft in 2016. Based in the greater Los Angeles metro area of California, StartupLoft is a business advisory service that specializes in helping startups and early-stage small business ventures launch successfully and grow organically. One of its key services is helping new business ventures develop impactful crowdfunding campaigns to supplement traditional financing and venture capital sources. StartupLoft concentrates on several market sectors, including wearables, financial technology ventures, and healthcare IT operations. Eric’s background as a successful healthcare entrepreneur gives him unique insights that he can share with the small companies that work with StartupLoft. Just like at OPUS Telehealth, Eric has assembled a work team with diverse talents. Some of these employees include strategic consultants, computer programmers, app developers, financial experts, and business leaders. Each brings unique skills and talents to bear on a wide range of tech startups and early-stage business ventures in the Southern California markets.

Ex Fida Bona

Leading small businesses to successful launches captivates Eric, but that is not the only way he helps others. He is passionate about philanthropic efforts and has contributed funding and many of his own hours to charitable causes across the country. Among his proudest achievements as a philanthropist, Eric and his wife Debbie were instrumental in funding the “Bubby Bevy Hospitality House” in conjunction with the Illini Chabad Center at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. The hospitality house provides housing, food, and accommodations for students and their families. The house is named in honor of Eric’s grandmother, Beverly Deutsch, who was lovingly known as “Bubby” by her family.

Ex Post

Eric will continue to provide his formidable business development talents to young companies interested in launching. As the CEO of StartupLoft, Eric is positioned well to spot emerging talents and industry trends. He is always up for the next great opportunity, and with the track record of successes he has already amassed in his ten-year business career, the future is very bright indeed for Eric and his business ventures.

Ipsissima Verba

Eric Schames is an active participant on social media platforms. As a business advisory professional, Eric knows that platforms like Twitter and Facebook are inexpensive ways to connect with a global audience. His own Facebook page, offers a glimpse into his personal life along with details on some of his professional achievements. His Twitter feed has over 21,000 followers. Eric shares business and industry news, tips, and humorous observations with his audience on the platform. He even uses video sharing services like Vimeo to let others see facets of his persona.

On Slideshare, Eric has prepared a guide for entrepreneurs. Entitled “Business Etiquette 2016: How to Effectively Communicate with a Business Contact in Today’s Tech World”, Eric is sharing critical skills that young business leaders must master in order to succeed. Cultivating professional contacts is a vital part of the startup market, and with this slide presentation, Eric is providing a variation of the expert business advisory service his company StartupLoft gives to its many clients.