Dr. Odette Campbell MD


In Propria Persona

Dr. Odette Campbell is a physician-private practitioner and longtime proponent of home care medicine. Apart from managing her own successful private practice since 1993, she is also a staff physician at North Texas Medical Specialists, a medical care facility located in Plano, Texas. Dr. Campbell has worked at North Texas Medical Specialists since January 2003.

A Priori

Dr. Campbell brings to the home care medical profession a wealth of clinical experience and an extensive background in numerous areas of the medical care profession. Among her key areas of medical specialization are psychology, science, biology, and general medicine. In 1973, she enrolled in College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia, and graduated in 1976 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology.

Dr. Campbell continued her education at Virginia Commonwealth University, which she attended from 1976 to 1980. She graduated from the university with a degree in Science and an MS in Biology and General Medicine. From 1981 to 1984, she attended Eastern Virginia Medical School, where she graduated with a degree in Medicine. As challenging as all these years of higher education were, they would lay an effective and valuable groundwork for much of Dr. Campbell’s later success as a medical care professional.

Ad Colligenda Bona

Dr. Campbell is one of the leading proponents of home care medicine in the United States. She is in fact a member of the American Academy of Home Care Medicine, an organization that was founded in the interests of developing the home care medicine industry all over the United States. The field itself has undergone numerous challenges and obstacles particularly during its early years, when it was largely ignored and even soundly criticized by the established medical profession.


Because of the tireless efforts of Dr. Campbell and other advocates, home care medicine has achieved widespread acceptance, and is now recognized as an important and relevant area of medical specialization. The relevance of home care medicine has especially come to the fore in recent years, with the increase in the number of senior individuals who now require more specialized medical treatment that addresses their specific needs.

Ex Fida Bona

One of the reasons for Dr. Campbell’s effectiveness as a home care medicine practitioner is her wide range of interests. One among the rare breed of medical professionals that have developed an extensive skillset outside of the medical profession, Dr. Campbell has the benefit of being able to draw upon a broad range of personal and life experiences. While home care medicine remains her one true passion in life, she is also a passionate advocate for causes such as animal welfare, arts and culture, civil rights and social action, disaster and humanitarian relief, education, environment, politics, and human rights. She is an avowed science and technology buff, both of which are interests that she has managed to combine with her social services, child welfare, and poverty alleviation advocacies to great effect.

As a pioneering figure in the home care medicine front, Dr. Odette Campbell has had to face numerous obstacles and challenges of her own. From her earliest years in the home care medicine profession, she has had to deal with the lack of support–and even outright antagonism–from many in the established medical community, a number of whom she looked up to as authority figures.

Nevertheless, Dr. Campbell addressed these obstacles with her characteristic tenacity and optimism, exerting tireless effort and hard work in pushing the concepts of the practice forward, and espousing its benefits to skeptical patients and medical care industry professionals. To this day, a large part of Dr. Campbell’s work involves educating others on the value and relevance of home care medicine within the modern medical care profession. She has in fact published a book on the very subject, which has become one of the most important practical clinical reference guides for those who wish to enter into the home care medicine industry.

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Even with her lengthy history in the medical profession, Dr. Odette Campbell remains committed and passionate about her goal, which is to further the cause of home care medicine. For the pioneering physician, espousing the many benefits of home care medicine is simply one step in her ultimate objective, which is to provide the highest level of medical care to patients in the home care setting. Dr. Campbell has long realized that it is in the home where elderly and terminally ill patients spend the greater majority of their time, which is why she has focused all her efforts toward providing quality care in this area.