Daniel Fernandes Rojo Filho

Daniel Fernandes Rojo FilhoIn Propria Persona

Much has been written about business mogul, philanthropist, and serial entrepreneur Daniel Fernandes Rojo Filho, who owns and operates over 50 companies across the globe from his headquarters in Orlando, Florida.  Recently heralded as the Brazilian Personality of the Year by FAME Magazine, Filho brings success to everything he touches.

Daniel Filho has been described as a workaholic who uses the world’s time zones to his advantage as he manages companies in the United States, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, and Hong Kong, to name a few.  Those time zones let him connect throughout his day and into the night with his employees and operations staff, helping him stay on top of his diverse portfolio.  Perhaps his biggest achievement is founding DFRF Enterprises, a wealth management business that helps private clients grow their wealth with a range of holdings, including:

•    Precious metals  
•    Plasma Arc Technology
•    Land Development
•    Bio Energy

Filho speaks three languages, and has immersed himself into the business realm, founding successful companies along the way as he engages in philanthropic efforts in many parts of the world.

A Priori

Daniel Fernandes Rojo Filho got his start in business in the 1990s with a nearly 10-year employment as Chief Financial Officer for the Humanitarian Projects division of the Ameritrade Group.  He has also been an investment management trustee as well as a financial consultant and chairman of Platinum Bancorp.

Filho received a Master’s degree in International Business Management from Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV) Brasil.  FGV is a school and research center founded in 1944 and dedicated to bringing social and economic development to life in the country of Brazil. According to the Global Go To Think Tank Index in 2014, FGV ranked 18th in the world in categories including:

•    Economic Policy
•    Social Policy
•    Institutional Collaboration
•    Management

This immersive educational experience at one of the best business schools in the world gave Filho many advantages as he embarked on a quest to establish his own mark in business.

Daniel Filho has extensive experience in managing trusts and investment vehicles, both for clients and for his own uses.  This experience has helped him develop an excellent sense for what works and what doesn’t, and gives him the ability to guide his clients toward increased revenues.

Ad Colligenda Bona

Daniel Fernandes Rojo FilhoWith his DFRF Enterprises, Daniel Fernandes Rojo Filho employs an expert staff who are equipped to manage the finances and investment strategies for a worldwide clientele.  The team at DFRF are able to tailor their guidance for specific geographic regions, financial needs, and personal goals. The division of DFRF known as the Global International Private Fund is the tool by which clients can see their own net worth skyrocket.  GIPF is one of the largest money management firms in the world, handling over $144 billion in assets. GIPF has become a trusted name in money management circles for their commitment to unbiased guidance and demonstrated growth margins.
GIPF and DFRF has a diverse network of global partners that bring together intellectual capital, monetary assets, and business acumen.  This combination is spread across several project headings, including:

•    Land Development – transportation hubs, luxury residential, hospitals, schools, and commercial sites
•    Precious metals mining – responsible practices for gold, silver, and platinum mining
•    Renewable Energy – especially those that use “waste to energy” methods to reduce landfills and hazardous emissions

For all of these projects, Filho’s team of experts analyze available opportunities, investing where it is prudent and backing those projects that show promise for cash flow and growth.

One of the most exciting of DFRF’s new projects involves bio-energy.  The company is funding studies to determine if algae could be the next big energy breakthrough, as it is easy to farm, grows rapidly, and can be refined into fuels or other energy products efficiently.

Ex Fida Bona

One of Daniel Fernandes Rojo Filho’s passions is to use his wealth to give back to the less fortunate.  His many philanthropic projects have helped thousands of people all over the world.  Some of his projects include:

•    Building schools in West Africa
•    Improving economic opportunities in Guinea-Bissau
•    Provided electricity to the people of Mali and Guinea-Bissau with the use of innovative solar lamps.

The philanthropic arm of DFRF Enterprises is known as DFRF Obbalube, and it has carried on Filho’s earlier social work in West Africa.  In the 1990s, Filho invested heavily into projects that resulted in over 400 churches, nearly 50 schools, and 20 hospitals to be constructed in Africa and other places around the globe.  His company is dedicated to improving their clients’ wealth, and also to spread goodwill and humanitarian efforts wherever it is needed.

Ipsissima Verba  

Daniel Fernandes Rojo Filho and his companies are extensive users of social media platforms to get their messages out, to connect with existing clients, and to engage with potential new clients.  His entrepreneur Facebook page is small, but growing every day. Meanwhile, the DFRF Enterprises page offers presentations and news items to share with thousands of fans.

Daniel’s Twitter page is starting to get real traction, growing exponentially every week and bringing in new followers daily.   The real action is over on YouTube, with nearly 100 video presentations able to be viewed by a global audience.  Many other YouTube video content pieces are available, all helping Filho to spread his message and to connect with others in a way that suits his worldwide style. Daniel Filho will continue to offer sound investment advice, expand his business holdings, and conduct humanitarian construction operations around the world.   Thousands of satisfied clients and billions of dollars in investment holdings and returns say a lot about DFRF and Daniel Filho’s business expertise.