Celebrity Connected

Celebrity Connected

Celebrity Connected is the premiere gifting suite connection. Celebrities from all corners of Hollywood join together with fabulous small businesses to promote their products.

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Exclusive access to celebrities while capitalizing on the full range of marketing techniques available is what defines Celebrity Connected, a firm that specializes in luxury gifting events.  The company is the renowned service for bringing together businesses and celebrities, boosting the popularity of brands and increasing visibility on the world stage.  The service provides a wide range of options, from gifting lounges and suites to larger promotional events.  The company’s events provide business participants with upscale venues ideal for marketing and gaining valuable endorsements from celebrities. Connected is based in Orange, California, with easy access to Southern California’s world-famous entertainment industry. Keep reading: https://www.linkedin.com/company/celebrity-connected

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Celebrity Connected, or CC for shortwas established in 2010.  Based in Orange, California, the company’s sole mission was to help businesses reach new levels of success by securing celebrity endorsements and increased media exposure. The company actively recruited many talented people from a variety of marketing and entertainment industry experiences. Staff members have extensive brand promotion, event management, video production, and public relations experience. This team quickly demonstrated their expertise, launching a series of exclusive red-carpet events that coincided with some of Hollywood’s biggest annual galas, such as the Academy Awards, the Emmys, and the BET Awards.  Extensive industry contacts in the entertainment and media fields assisted the company in its early days and still provide valuable resources as CC continues to grow. Close personal relationships forged over many years with talent management firms and agents keep a constant flow of hot celebrities flowing to the events.

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2015 was a banner year for CC.  The company worked with hundreds of clients, including product manufacturers, clothing design labels, and non-profit organizations.  Each celebrity gifting suite was held in conjunction with Hollywood’s biggest awards galas, including the Emmys and the MTV Movie Awards. Gifting lounges and suites are held at some of the most glamorous venues available in the Hollywood and Los Angeles areas; hotels and clubs are popular choices for the company as they blend style and space.  Celebrities can mingle freely, and receive sample bags during the events.  Client brands are able to speak directly to up-and-comers on the entertainment scene, securing endorsements that range from impromptu photo shoots to more lasting relationships. Prior to the events, the creative teams at CC work directly with their clients, helping by developing marketing materials, promotional displays, and media strategies for the brands expecting to be in attendance at the upscale gifting lounges.  When the event kicks off, clients are ready to act.  All media captured during the event, such as video or photographs, are available to the clients for use in subsequent branding campaigns and for future marketing materials like print ads and web advertisements.


Celebrity Connected has developed a winning formula as their master strategy for the events they put together.  The company discovered early on that attracting trending young stars was the best way to increase exposure for their clients.  As the stars trend on television and social media, the brands they are seen with share in some of that increased exposure, boosting brand awareness and increasing revenue in the process.  The company has a knack for attracting hot talents from television, movies, and the professional sports teams to their events; this blend ensures that clients have maximum exposure in a variety of potential marketing segments. But the company doesn’t stop there – they invite the awards nominees, the celebrity presenters, and the performers of the awards shows to the events, creating an eclectic mix that pays huge dividends for the brands and products represented at the gifting lounges.


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CC has a full slate of luxury gifting suite events planned for the upcoming calendar year.  From the MTV Movie Awards to the ESPYs, the Emmys, and the Academy Awards, it is clear that the company continues to excel in the brand promotion field.  Clients receive massive media exposure at these upscale events, thanks to a team of videographers and photographers who capture every moment.  The celebrities in attendance receive swag bags of product samples from attending clients, and the events give those clients a chance to mingle freely with Hollywood’s hottest stars.  Celebrity endorsements are a quick and effective way of boosting brand awareness, and these events dramatically improve the standings of products and the companies behind them.


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CC helps companies develop branding campaigns through media exposure and celebrity endorsements.  Naturally, the company is a strong believer in the power of social media as a means for increasing awareness of client brands and their products.  The company shares photos and information about its events on its Instagram page, showcasing the many celebrities they attract to their exclusive, upscale events.  Their Vimeo page shares video of the company’s gala event coinciding with the Emmy Awards, highlighting some of the sports and entertainment personalities that attended the luxury gifting suite.  Finally, the company’s official Twitter feed gives people the chance to follow along to the events throughout the year, viewing company updates, photos, and video of the gifting lounges and the stars in attendance.


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