Cathy Beggan

In Propria Persona


Cathy Beggan is the owner of the successful Rise-N-Shine, LLC Company.  A prolific and innovative entrepreneur, her inventions stemmed from personal experience, and have blossomed into over 30 natural health supplements.

Cathy has worked with experts in the field of nutritional supplements to develop her revolutionary products. She takes great pride in supporting American businesses, and everything her company makes is manufactured in the United States. She has had great success creating nutritional solutions, with several patents credited to her. All of her products are designed to meet everyday needs in a natural and healthful way.  Her company, established in 2006, is based in Sparta, New Jersey.

A Priori

Cathy has been interested in entrepreneurship since her youth; as a high schooler, she started several small businesses and dabbled in a range of money-making opportunities.  Hard work has never been something she shied away from, and her vast range of work experiences gave her unique preparations to establish and run her current venture at Rise-N-Shine.

Cathy Beggan received a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from William Paterson University of New Jersey in 1993.  After working in several fields, including the aerospace industry, detective agencies, and business management in retail and allied companies, Cathy applied her talents to the task of developing nutritional supplements. Her first patent was awarded in March, 2008, and was related to a supplement that helped users wake up refreshed.  She has since gone on to patent several more groundbreaking supplements and time-release formulas.


Cathy’s work with Rise-N-Shine keeps her extremely busy, yet she still finds the time for other endeavors.  One of them was her hosting duties for a live-streamed Internet radio broadcast she founded called ‘So…You Think You Can Host?’, which was aired once a week.  Contestants competed for a chance to receive a 6-month radio hosting contract of their own, and audiences were able to cast votes for their favorite future host.  Cathy’s dynamic personality shone through during the show, engaging listeners and showcasing the talents that have made her a success in everything she has applied herself to.

Ad Colligenda Bona

Cathy Beggan continues to work on new health and wellness supplements with her company in New Jersey.  With several dozen products to her credit, Cathy feels as if she is only just getting started.  Her company, although it was established around a decade ago, almost instantly became an online powerhouse, bringing in customers from around the world for her patented formulas like Wake Up On Time and Catalase Extreme.  She is tireless in her efforts to bring to market new supplements. Every product Cathy and her talented researchers develop is designed to address daily health and dietary needs.


The supplements created by Rise-N-Shine are manufactured in a state-of-the-art FDA approved facility to guarantee purity and accuracy of materials.  This facility is located in the United States, because Cathy believes in helping to support fellow American business owners. She prides herself on the company’s exacting standards in formulation, production, and packaging, with the products meeting or exceeding guidelines established by the U.S. Pharmacopoeia. It is fair to say that Cathy has managed to blend several attributes together; she is an inventor in the classic sense, but approaches her work with a passion to improve the lives of thousands of people all over the world with her innovation.

Ex Fida Bona

Beggan and her products have been featured on over 800 television broadcasts since she established her company.  Consumer response has been overwhelming for her range of health and nutrition supplements. Her company and its products have appeared in literally dozens of publications, including women’s magazines such as Glamour, Cosmopolitan, and Allure as well as news glossies like New York and Beverly Hills Lifestyle.

Cathy is the proud holder of six patents, all related to her work developing nutritional and wellness supplements.  She was featured in the press when her recent patent was approved. Several of the patents address time-delayed release mechanisms for the supplements.

In 2010, Cathy was selected as a winner of the British Airways “Face of Opportunity” Contest, an award going to innovative small businesses for their achievements and sales records.

Ipsissima Verba

Cathy and her company both use social media extensively to connect with customers and to attract new faces.  Her Pinterest page illustrates her diverse set of interests, sharing timely news about her company’s new products as well as style ideas and creative projects with her followers.  Cathy uses Vimeo to share video content with people around the world.  Her channel features dozens of video clips including news broadcasts, interviews, and product overviews. She also uses Houzz to share project news with an active fan following. Follow her here.