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Caleb Laieski

Caleb Laieski is a nationally-known activist with a long history of advocating for social justice and civil rights in causes like LGBT rights and child welfare laws as well as many environmental issues.

He has fought hard for many issues over the years and has become a respected voice for many advocacy initiatives.  He got an early start in activism because of his personal experiences as a high school student; one of his main goals is to ensure that other children do not have to face the discrimination and bullying he survived.

Caleb currently works as a 911 dispatcher with the Arlington County Police Department in Virginia.  In his free time, he continues to work as an advocate for a variety of human and animal rights causes.

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Caleb Laieski

As a young teenager in at the Willow Canyon High School in Arizona, Caleb experienced daily bullying from other students.  This constant harassment led him to drop out of school and pursue a GED in lieu of a diploma. His complaints fell on deaf ears on the part of school officials who did not respond to his reports of violence and death threats. After leaving the school, Caleb jumped straight into activism, first by sending a legal notification to the school’s and district’s officials that he was prepared to file a lawsuit as a means to secure protection from bullying for himself and for other students.  He followed up that action by sending a similar letter to every school district in the state of Arizona.  Over 5000 administration officials were contacted during this campaign which sought to strengthen protections for students, regardless of sexual orientation or race. Caleb became Executive Director of the organization called Gays and Lesbians United Against Discrimination when he was only 13.

Not long after this series of events, Caleb realized that in order to provide students with safe learning environments, action needed to happen on a national level.  At age 16, Caleb undertook the task of lobbying Federal officials to support the Student Non-Discrimination Act.  He was able to secure the support of several co-sponsors of the bill.

Caleb is passionate about helping others.  His efforts in protecting the rights of LGBT children and adults has made him a respected voice in those communities and led him to work at the Phoenix, Arizona’s Office of the Mayor as the city’s Diversity Liaison.

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Caleb Laieski

Caleb Laieski continues to do vital work in helping others aligned with a variety of causes.  While LGBT rights have long been his passion, based on his personal experiences as a youth, he has also lent his support to a number of environmental causes.  Most recently, Caleb filed a petition with to stop exploratory Arctic oil drilling by the Shell Corporation.  His believes that individuals should join together to form a powerful voice, especially for those who are afraid to speak on their own.  Although he is still a young man,  Caleb’s dynamic personality and vision has made him a valuable and trusted advocate for many issues – every one of which he embraces with the dedication of someone much older.

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Caleb Laieski

In 2011, Caleb Laieski was asked to be a guest of the White House during President Obama’s LGBT Pride Reception held on June 29th of that year.  This visit marked Caleb’s third trip to the nation’s capital as he worked tirelessly to lobby with legislators for support of the Student Non-Discrimination Act (SNDA).  Caleb spent a total of 22 days in Washington, D.C. during his several visits there and had a chance to meet with over 200 legislators and Administration officials.  Through his efforts, he was able to find many co-sponsors of the Act.  While in Washington, Caleb also met with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.  His personal experiences with school bullying moved the Secretary, and she later shared his story with attendees at the U.S. Department of Education LGBT Youth Summit.

That same year, Caleb Laieski was recognized by prominent Arizona LGBT publication Echo Magazine as their “Man of the Year”.  He was also the focus of a documentary filmed called “Bullied to Silence”, which was released in 2012.

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Caleb Laieski

Caleb Laieski is an active social media user, allowing him to connect with like-minded individuals from around the world.  His Facebook page gives him a springboard to share information about the advocacy issues he is involved with.  His Twitter feed is followed by many fans, and it is filled with tweets about current events, advocacy initiatives, and Caleb’s many accomplishments as a voice for the environment and the LGBT community. On Google Plus, Caleb also has the opportunity to share his current activities with followers.

Caleb was the focus of a petition to have him recognized for his work and his courage in championing safe schools for all children, regardless of their orientation, religion, or race.  The creators of the petition have sent information about Caleb to the United States Congress in hopes of having him honored with a Congressional Award, and this act shows how impactful Caleb’s actions are in the causes he feels so passionately about.