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Propria Persona

Ralph C. “Bubba” Pratt is a world-renowned sales strategist and business trainer. He has spoken around the globe at some of the largest business leadership conferences and workshops in the world. In addition, he has been instrumental in providing his consulting services on a smaller scale in boardrooms and meetings in the United States and abroad. He began his career in business in 1985 as an Independent Business Owner (IBO) in the Amway Corporation, and since has developed a global network of other IBOs for the company. He lives and works in Dallas, Texas with his wife Valerie.

A Priori

Bubba Pratt attended the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida from 1975 to 1979. During his education there, he played starting linebacker for the University of Florida Gators football team and achieved 4-year letterman status.

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In 1985, he met Tim Foley, a former NFL player for the Miami Dolphins. Mr. Foley mentored Bubba as he entered the business world. Foley was an IBO with the Amway Corporation, and guided Mr. Pratt during his first years with Amway. With that guidance, Bubba was able to develop a network of other IBOs in the United States, Central America, Asia, and Eastern Europe. He credits his skill as a “people person” in helping achieve such a network; by listening to the desires and goals of his many new business partners, he was able to help them develop the infrastructure they needed to succeed. His natural leadership abilities were also crucial in bringing the Amway organization from a multimillion dollar sales operation to a global juggernaut, exceeding $10.9 billion in sales by 2011.

Ad Colligenda Bona

Currently, Bubba Pratt serves as the CEO and President of Pratt and Asssociates International, Inc., a business consulting firm based in Dallas, Texas. With his wife Valerie, Mr. Pratt travels around the world, providing companies with knowledge he has amassed over nearly 30 years in business. He is adept at tailoring sales and leadership training to a specific company’s own needs; his specialty is in helping companies develop foundational goals and missions, which leads to comprehensive action plans and ultimately produces incredible sales results. During his years in the consulting business, he has worked with a wide range of companies across market sectors.

Ex Fida Bona

As a business consulting expert, Bubba has had the opportunity to work with many different companies in the United States and abroad. Among his many achievements in this field are:

  • Providing business training and guidance for Cycle Screen and Supply Company in Florida. He helped the company develop training programs for sales staff as well as assisting in organizing the company from the top down. He was able to bring sales up to $5 million in the company’s second year of operation.
  • Serving as the Chairman of the Board for Altos Communications, a telecommunications firm based in Orlando, Florida. Here, he was instrumental in shepherding the company through explosive growth as the firm sold communications technology to corporate and individual clients.
  • Serving as a Board member of ProNet of America, which is a medical practice management firm based in Fort Worth, Texas. From humble origins, his guidance has brought the company to over 100 employees and approximately $8 million in annual revenue.
  • Worked extensively with the Amway Corporation, first as an IBO, then as a global leader for a network of other IBOs. His development of employee training programs and marketing initiatives, coupled with his ability to establish distribution lines, has increased Amway’s revenue to approximately $10 billion a year. Amway now enjoys a near-global presence, with product distribution and sales operations in 17 countries and the United States.

He has also consulted with several companies in the Far East, providing training and mission-development expertise for a global options trading firm in Hong Kong as well as training the general manager of a Thailand-based commodities and stock trading operation. During this time, he has also prepared training seminars and given motivational speeches in many countries. Audio versions of his training can be found in over 20 languages.

Ex Post

Over the past 30 years, Bubba Pratt has offered his knowledge, his skill, and his leadership to companies around the world. Starting as an Independent Business Owner for the Amway Corporation in 1985, he has been able to achieve unrivaled success in building companies. He will continue to provide expert training and business development to companies; his passion for helping others achieve success has earned him the respect and admiration of peers from the U.S. to the Far East and beyond.

Ipsissima Verba

Ralph “Bubba” Pratt is active on social media platforms. He is able to share his amassed business knowledge with others on these platforms, helping others to achieve success with his guidance. His YouTube channel is quickly becoming a place for him to showcase some of the many speaking engagements he has attended over the past few years – for those unable to attend his motivational speeches in person, the YouTube videos are a goldmine of insight.

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He also uses the video sharing platform Vimeo to reach a global audience. Here, he shares videos of his speeches and training seminars, helping others develop critical skills that can be used in business operations. On his Instagram feed, Bubba and his wife Valerie share insights into their personal life together. The couple provides inspiration and joy to their many followers on the platform.

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Finally, on both Crunchbase and LinkedIn, Mr. Pratt illustrates his extensive career in the business field. From achieving sales and distribution mastery to guiding others in shaping their business operations, his work in the field have helped many others acquire the revenue and growth they have always desired.