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Brylaw is a financial management firm that provides a variety of tax preparation, planning, and bookkeeping services. Based in the Inland Empire region of Southern California, the firm primarily services clients from Chino Hills, Riverside, and the surrounding communities.

The company maintains a staff of CTEC-licensed professionals, all of whom have extensive experience in providing financial management services to individuals and corporations. With its wide range of financial services, Brylaw has served as an outsourced accounting firm or in the capacity of part-time CFO to numerous firms in California.

The company’s headquarters are located at 4195 Chino Hills Parkway #501, Chino Hills, California.

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Brylaw was founded in 2000, at which time the firm immediately began providing individual and corporate clients with a wide range of financial and tax advisory and management services. Then and now, one of the company’s primary goals is lowering clients’ tax liabilities. In the pursuit of this goal, the firm’s team of qualified tax specialists strives to keep current on all revisions with regard to state and federal tax laws, enabling clients to maintain full compliance. With the Brylaw team’s expertise, proactive approach, and strict attention to detail, the firm has made it possible for hundreds of clients to achieve maximum fiscal solvency.

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A significant part of BryLaw’s current operations involves helping clients manage their finances more efficiently and more effectively. Like most entrepreneurs, these clients have found themselves in a position wherein they have reached the limits of their existing financial infrastructure. By increasing the value of a particular venture–or tapping previously unrealized (and underutilized) value– Brylaw has helped commercial businesses and nonprofit organizations achieve the next level of growth.


Brylaw also provides specialists that function as part-time CFOs, providing companies with services such as bookkeeping, payroll, invoicing, and strategic planning. These services provide clients with monthly management reports, budgets and cash flow projections, and key metric benchmarking and trend analyses. With the aid of these tools, Brylaw enables clients to make sound decisions backed by solid data.

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In addition to its tax-related and bookkeeping services, Brylaw also assists businesses of all sizes with their billing, invoicing, payroll, and general ledger concerns. Often serving in the capacity of an outsourced accounting team, Brylaw helps clients keep tabs on their company’s finances, while at the same time enabling them to redirect their time and resources on other areas of their business that need attention.


Brylaw goes beyond merely providing clients with accounting and bookkeeping services, helping them develop a clear and accurate insight into their business’ financial structure. With this role, Brylaw helps clients make the decisions that will help them ensure financial viability for the foreseeable future.

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As part of its expansion and growth, Brylaw recently began offering extended personal financial planning services to clients in and around Chino Hills. “One of the goals of every accounting firm is to secure big ticket contracts that generate significant revenue,” Managing Partner Larry Stephens said. “By offering an expanded range of Personal Financial Planning services, we help ensure that small businesses are able to take advantage of such opportunities.”

Brylaw itself is currently undertaking steps to secure big ticket contracts as well, even as it maintains its focus on helping small businesses achieve their financial goals. As Stephens said, “Going after big ticket clients is a logical part of any business’s growth. That being said, we remain focused on providing for the needs of small businesses, helping and guiding them towards achieving their growth-related goals. In this way, we grow right alongside them.” Stephens also mentions the many companies that Brylaw has helped grow from small startups to medium-sized business, citing this as a significant achievement for the firm.

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Brylaw has established a solid reputation for reliability and trustworthiness over the years, with numerous clients and several websites attesting to the firm’s quality and excellence, both in terms of service and operations. A number of positive reviews can be found on sites such as (, where one user referred to the firm’s offerings as some of “the best accounting services” to be found currently. This particular client cited Brylaw’s assistance in helping him file his taxes on time, in full compliance with tax laws and guidelines.


Other reviews were equally positive about the firm’s role in helping them pay their taxes on time. Still other reviews described the difficulty that posters experienced with regard to dealing with their company’s financial concerns, and how Brylaw helped them manage such concerns more effectively. Mention was also made of the company’s reasonable rates and high quality of service.