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Based in Stamford, Connecticut, Benistar Administrative Services, Inc. is an industry leader in the field of group retiree medical benefit plans.  This privately-held company administers over $100 million in premiums every year, and provides prescription drug and medical care coverage aimed at over-65 retirees, working with corporate and government clients to provide these plans to their retired employees. Benistar is a national leader when it comes to these plans, with over 400 plan sponsors throughout the United States.

Benistar provides coverage for a number of companies and organizations, including:

  • Labor unions
  • Educational organizations
  • Religious organizations
  • City, County, and State governments
  • Corporations and small businesses

The company was established in 1978, and specializes in devising cost-effective retiree benefit solutions that meet the needs and expectations for plan sponsors.  Benistar is certified by Dun & Bradstreet’s Credibility Corporation, one of the most respected names in business credibility insights.

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Benistar Administrative Services, Inc. handles three major components in the design, installation, and administration of retiree health and prescription drug benefits.  These are:

  • Group Retiree Medical Solutions
  • Group Retiree Prescription Drug Solutions
  • Consulting and Administration

The Group Retiree Medical Solutions are designed to help assist with the medical care costs not covered by Medicare, specifically Medicare’s Parts A and B. Benistar’s plans offer many benefits for retirees, allowing them to visit any Medicare provider in the United States.  This lets retirees choose (or keep) their own medical providers.  In addition, the plans allow beneficiaries to visit specialists without referrals, are free from preexisting-condition exclusions, and are portable.

Group Retiree Prescription Drug Solutions are designed by Benistar as Employer Group Waiver Plans (EGWPs), specifically designed to work under Medicare Plan D. They serve to fill coverage gaps (commonly referred to as “the donut hole”).  All drugs eligible under Plan D are covered, and the pharmacy network is huge – offering over 56,000 network locations to make service convenient for retirees.   Best of all, the Benistar Prescription plans allow for lower co-pays and the ability to receive prescriptions by mail in many cases.

Benistar excels in consulting and administration of plan sponsors’ programs.  The company’s consulting professionals are expert in finding creative, cost-effective plan solutions, analyzing the very best strategies for providing coverage to retirees.  The administrative team specializes in handling existing plans from plan sponsors and brokers, taking care of beneficiary communication via call center as well as billing logistics. This team is highly experienced with Medicare’s many options, and can guide retirees, plan sponsors, and broker partners with some of the best customer service in the industry.

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Benistar has a passion for keeping their partners up-to-date on issues that affect retiree benefits coverage.  This communication extends to retiree beneficiaries themselves, who can reach the company’s expert call center   The official website features a news page that gives timely information on new plans and products, emerging regulatory issues, and company data.

The company strives to provide best-in-class medical and prescription drug plans for post-65 retirees.  As the company continues to grow, it looks for ways to maximize cost savings while bringing top-quality customer service to the table.  Benistar’s call center is one of the best in the industry, helping retirees, plan sponsors, and brokerages get the answers they need in a timely fashion.  The call center has convenient hours, and there’s even an email option and online contact form options for after-hours help.

Benistar has partnered with reputable insurance carriers in an effort to bring the best plans and the most efficient administration solutions to life for their many clients. With more than $100 million in premiums handled annually, it is clear that the company is positioned well in the retiree benefits world.  Their relationships with insurance carriers, brokerage firms, and plan consultants gives them the leverage to locate, prepare, and administer plans that work, whether the client is a large corporation, a small business concern, or a government entity.

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Benistar Administrative Services, Inc. is listed in many insurance directories on the web. Due to the company’s long history and service excellence, their ratings demonstrate customer satisfaction.  Frequent news headlines showcase the company’s new products and services.

Benistar is also active on Facebook, connecting with their clients and potential new customers by providing detailed information on issues pertaining to public pension plans and other regulatory changes that may impact retiree benefits.   The company is committed to making communication between itself and its partners, both insurance providers and retiree beneficiaries, as it marches into the 21st Century with outstanding coverage plans, impeccable customer service, and affordable products.