Andrew Byer

In Propria Persona

Andrew Byer, Attorney

Andrew Byer  | Few have the body of experience that has developed in his 30-year legal career.

Many lawyers specialize in one narrow area of the legal profession, whereas Andrew has spent his career exploring and mastering a number of different aspects. His expertise is nearly boundless, with solid experience in business law, real estate transactions, trademarks, and international law practice. He has even taken on select criminal cases in his decades of legal practice. His practice is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where he helps clients with a range of legal services, all backed by his competence and passion to win.

Fluent in several languages, Andrew A. Byer has been instrumental in providing legal services to the immigrant and expatriate communities in and around South Florida. He is not afraid to take on difficult legal challenges, and has earned a reputation for excellence and competence in his decades of service as an attorney.

A Priori

Attorney Andrew Byer

Andrew Byer received his undergraduate degree from Columbia College at Columbia University in New York City in 1984, completing a Bachelor of Arts degree there. His schoolwork focused on political science, with a minor in languages. Andrew is fluent in Italian and has a conversational command of both Spanish and French languages, which has given him the ability to communicate with clients from around the world.

Andrew earned his Juris Doctorate from the Syracuse University College of Law in 1987. He was promptly admitted to the Florida Bar in 1989 and remains in good standing to this day.

When not engaged in the daily tasks required of an attorney, Andrew has spent many years traveling; he is passionate about motorcycle adventure touring. He also enjoys skiing and the culinary arts.

Ad Colligenda Bona

Unlike many other attorneys that focus on one or two legal specialties, Andrew has spent his career mastering a sizeable variety of law practices. He is an accomplished business law professional, which encompasses both private and public law aspects as they relate to the rights, relations, and conduct of companies and individuals in the sales, trade, or merchandising practices. Sometimes called commercial law, this legal specialty is fraught with many challenges, as an attorney needs a practical understanding of business transactions and the local, state, and Federal laws that govern such transactions.

Ft. Lauderdale Attorney Andrew Byer

Andrew Byer  is fluent in German and Italian, making him a great lawyer for Italian and German people in the U.S. hoping to do business.

Business and transaction law may include business partnerships, merchant shipping, carriage of products by sea, life and accident insurance, and several other important legal matters. Andrew has engaged in legal work encompassing corporate contracts and the manufacture and shipping of consumer goods.

As an experienced real estate attorney in Florida, Byer has developed a deep understanding of state and Federal codes that influence transactions involving the sale or purchase of real properties. Andrew has reviewed contracts, worked with landlords and tenants during property disputes, and filing deeds and liens. This area of the legal profession can be complex and confusing, but with Andrew’s vast experience, he has assisted many clients through their real estate transactions.

Andrew Byer Ft. Lauderdale law

What truly sets Andrew apart from other attorneys is his experience in the ever-changing field of international law. This area focuses on binding relationships between states and between nations, and may include aspects of humanitarian law, treaties, and determining which jurisdictions may apply to a particular legal case. Because so many legal aspects are at play in this specialty, a dedicated attorney with years of experience is needed to navigate the troubled waters. Andrew’s expertise at tackling difficult legal challenges has made him ideally suited for this specialty. At his practice in Fort Lauderdale, Andrew may take on any number of different legal challenges, and approaches each with thorough knowledge of the law and with compassion for his clients.

Ex Post

Attorney Andrew Byer his law practice in Fort Lauderdale in 2005. He recently announced a new law office, located at One East Broward, where he is able to expand his practice to better serve the communities of South Florida. Andrew continues to provide unrivaled legal services to many people throughout the region, giving them the expert legal guidance and the proven track record of success that have made him a highly sought-after attorney.

One of the projects he is working on is to develop a legal website catered to Italians doing business in the United States.

Ipsissima Verba

Andrew A. Byer is active on social media platforms, where he is able to connect with existing clients as well as spending time interacting with potential new clients. On his Vimeo page, Andrew shares videos and news items with his followers. An avid amateur photographer, Andrew captures images from his travels and his personal life, sharing them with fans on his Flickr photostream. He uses his YouTube presence to carefully curate a selection of legal videos; these are of particular interest to law school students who may be interested in pursuing a career in business, tax, or real estate law. Follow him here.


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