Andrea Doven

Andrea Doven Hiring Expert

Andrea Doven is the daughter of Robert Morse, actor of stage and screen, so it seemed inevitable she would work in showbusiness

Human resources expert and recruiter Andrea Doven grew up in and around the show business industry. Hailing from New York City, Andrea is the child of stage and screen actor Robert Morse and dancer/Broadway performer Carole D’Andrea. Andrea acted for several years before transitioning into the human resources and logistical operations of Odin Productions, Inc., the film production company of Golden Globe Award winner Tom Cruise.

From there, Andrea Doven went on to found the Hollywood Education and Literacy Project, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to teaching and mentoring young people in the subjects of English literacy and job skills.

Andrea served as the Vice President of Human Resources of SCS Dynamics, Inc., a successful software corporation with ties to government, Fortune 500 companies, and multinational corporations. SCS was growing rapidly, and had become a Gold Certified Microsoft partner in the field of Enterprise Resource Planning. Andrea’s tireless work helped solidify partnerships with companies like:

• Sunkist
• Sony Music
• Warner Brothers
• Viacom
• Seventh Generation

Her efforts in recruiting and hiring the best of the best was instrumental in SCS’s exponential growth, and allowed Andrea to further develop her human resource skills. In 2015, Andrea Doven founded Doven, Inc., serving as a consultant with the firm and being called upon by many clients for her expertise in hiring and placing top-quality employees.

A Priori

Mrs. Doven received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Performing Arts from the prestigious State University of New York (SUNY) College at Purchase in 1983. Andrea was one of only 30 students accepted out of a pool of over 3500 applicants for the school’s Acting Conservatory program. Following her successes in college, Andrea made a place for herself founding theater companies and producing stage performances throughout upstate New York. She also was instrumental in helping to manage one of New York City’s top catering firms.
In October, 1986, Andrea joined Odin Productions, Inc., where she was the executive director for nearly 20 years. During that time, Andrea:

• Coordinated with legal, professional, and financial teams
• Handled the company’s human resources for a staff of hundreds
• Managed the staffing and locating of hundreds of rental properties worldwide
• Executed hundreds of special projects in hiring, contract negotiations, and travel for the company

Andrea quickly gained a reputation for being able to troubleshoot complex tasks for the busy production firm, which was involved in dozens of film projects. Her skills helped her to stand out in this field, directly benefitting the company as they achieved success with their productions. Andrea gained a lot of practical experience in her international travels for the company, giving her the tools to coordinate with diverse departments during the intensive planning and operational tasks of filmmaking.

At SCS, Inc., Andrea was able to streamline the human resources operation of the company, reducing employee turnover rates and forging partnerships with major corporations. Her work gave the company a strong technical team, which was able to implement software systems and training for Fortune 500 firms, non-profits, and environmental groups. Again, Andrea’s impeccable human resources skills led the company to increased profits and success, culminating with the company’s placing as a Microsoft partner and its position as the largest Microsoft Dynamics (Navision) Solutions Center in the western United States.

Andrea’s “people skills” are without peer. She has been able to develop skills, manage personnel, and demonstrate her excellent managerial and leadership qualities in ways that support every partnership she has been involved in.

Andrea Doven expertise in hiring

Andrea Doven’s extensive human resources knowledge arises from years of hands-on experience

Ad Colligenda Bona

Andrea is currently consulting for Doven, Inc. She assists companies in the fields of technology, entertainment, and other industries, assisting them with human resources needs like recruiting and hiring top talent.

Andrea shares her extensive skills on her own website, offering tips and webinars on:

• Interview skills
• Responding to job postings
• Cover letters
• Resumes and curricula vitae
• Interpersonal communication

Andrea is a respected voice in the human resources industry, and her acumen has helped thousands achieve employment success. She also offers a series of short informational videos on the YouTube platform, illustrating handy tips for job-seekers.

Ex Fida Bona

As founder of the Hollywood Education and Literacy Project (H.E.L.P.), Andrea has been able to share her success with young people from all walks of life. The programs offered by H.E.L.P. give students valuable learning tools as they prepare for careers of their own. In addition, programs assist young people and with crucial literacy skills, both for native English speakers and those with English as a second (or third) language. Literacy is the cornerstone of success in the U.S., and Andrea’s dedicated efforts to help others shines through in the organizations programs and outreach.

Ipsissima Verba

Andrea uses social media extensively to connect with others in her industry and to spread her message for those interested in the inner workings of human resources. She has an active Twitter feed, offering tips and tricks for landing that perfect job. Her Facebook page and Google+ pages have many followers, too.
Andrea was featured on CNN’s iReport video series, discussing important coping skills for working mothers. She has also been utilized as an expert by several news media outlets, thanks to her talents and storied human resources career. Her insights into job hunting have made it onto dozens of websites, further cementing her legendary status among peers in the recruitment and human resources fields.

Andrea has used her vast repertoire of skills both to benefit companies she’s worked with as well as those less fortunate. Her expertise and knack for sharing her insights are a refreshing look at how personnel management and human resources departments work, and she is happy to give others the tools to achieve success on their own.