Kansas’ Akshay Anand, CEO of Karats

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Akshay Anand Karats

Kansas’ own Akshay Anand, Karats CEO and industry leader in fine jewelry, is an entrepreneur and businessman who has brought innovation to the jewelry field.

At his Overland Park store just outside of Kansas City, Akshay has built his family-owned business into a regional jewelry empire with an international reputation for luxury and outstanding customer service. Akshay, who prefers to be known as Andy, blends cutting-edge marketing strategies with traditional family values as he runs his operation. He is the sixth generation of jewelers in his family and has a solid foundation upon which he has been able to build.

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Akshay Andy Anand (http://akshayandyanand.me/) got his start in the jewelry business at a very early age.  A native of New Delhi, India, Andy worked with Mahalaxmi Amba Jewelers, his family’s jewelry company established many years ago.  There, he learned from his grandfather, his father, and his uncles the tools needed for success in this industry.  Although he owns his own business in Overland Park, Kansas, Akshay continues to serve his family company as their marketing director.  He is responsible for gemstone buying and grading, focusing on Indian-based manufacturers his family has developed partnerships with over the decades so that he can continue bringing his own customers top value and the expert service he is known for.  Andy is fluent in both Hindi and English, giving him the ability to interface with Indian jewelry manufacturers and distributors as well as the many customers he deals with both here and abroad.

Akshay Anand Karats

Andy Anand studied marketing and economics at the Northwest Missouri State University, where earned a Bachelor of Science in Marketing Management in 2004.  During his studies, he was selected to join the Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society for his strong work ethic and outstanding grades.

After establishing his Karats Jewelry business, Andy Anand realized that his talents could be brought to bear for a number of internationally-recognized non-profit groups.  He began serving as a board member of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation’s Kansas City chapter in 2010 and continues service there today.  He is also a member and financial contributor to the Touched by Cancer Foundation.  Finally, he spent a year as an Ambassador to the Clinton Foundation between March 2013 and March 2014.  While there, he was able to assist with key foundation events and help build a supporter network comprising of people from around the world.

Ad Colligenda Bona

At Karats Jewelers in the Kansas City area, Andy Anand  has used his background in the family jewelry store as well as his extensive business education to develop forward-thinking marketing strategies. His innovative sales programs and account management have allowed him to double his company’s inventory and corresponding revenue stream in only two years.  He is currently completing an aggressive development plan for his company that will see it strengthen even more in the coming years.

Andy believes that there is room in his business for the traditional values instilled in him by his family.  He learned the importance of top-quality customer service during his years working in New Delhi, and by retaining those critical skills while bringing in modern marketing methods, his company will continue to dominate the jewelry industry in his region.

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Although he is still a young man, Andy Anand has been graced with many awards for his work as businessman as well as the time he gives to non-profit groups.  He was featured by Ingram’s Business Magazine in 2010 as one of the publication’s annual “20 In Their Twenties” listing – profiling 20 Kansas City area’s entrepreneurs in their twenties.  In 2011, Andy was the first runner up for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Man of the Year award for his work in raising over $26,000 for the charity organization.  In 2012, Akshay’s company Karats Jewelers was recognized by the prestigious I Think Bigger publication, being nominated for the Kansas City Smart Company Award from the magazine.  Internationally-known website The Knot voted Andy’s Karats Jewelers business as the number one engagement ring store in Kansas City in both 2014 and 2015. The website evaluated the business based on a number of factors, including selection, pricing, and customer service.  Andy’s hard work at providing his customers an unrivaled shopping experience was crucial to gaining this highly-valued recognition.

Akshay Anand Karats

Ipsissima Verba

Andy Anand shares his business strategies and personal history on his own blog.  Because of Andy’s expertise in the fine jewelry field, his blog attracts many thousands of visitors from around the world, especially from those who wish to implement his strategies to grow their own businesses.  The blog also allows Andy to share information about the many non-profit organizations he gives his time to.

Andy is very active on social media platforms.  He uses them for both personal and business uses, allowing him to connect with existing customers and industry professionals while attracting a steady stream of new faces.  His own Facebook page gives followers a look into his personal life and achievements, while his Karats Jewelers page allows him to share details of promotional events and new jewelry collections in the store.   With thousands of followers on his Twitter feed, Akshay blends timely news, business advice, and the wisdom he has collected over his years in business. His Tumblr page, entitled “Akshay Anand Kansas”, gives followers information about the company he has built as well as his background in the jewelry business.  A bit of inspiration comes from his postings of business achievements from others, attracting many followers to the feed.

Akshay Anand Karats

Andy’s business is featured on the Yelp site, where customers leave glowing reviews about his business practices and fine jewelry selection.   His hard work had made Andy an industry leader in the jewelry field.  He has helped thousands of customers over the years find the perfect engagement ring and other fine jewelry pieces thanks to his dedication and expertise in gem selection.