People Files was founded by a retired Orange County, California public defender who spent his career defending people caught up in a variety of legal issues. During his tenure in the Southern California courts system, he realized that the nature of the Internet could be very damaging for people’s reputations, leading him to put aside his law practice and to take up the task of blogging. His sole ideal was to present the people he was writing about with the justice and clarity they deserved, free from the misinformation and rumors that were compromising their reputations, their business endeavors, and their personal integrity.

People Files currently has a small team of legal researchers, writers, and media experts who strive to present information truthfully and accurately. Our motto is “Order and Truth in Web Redemption”, and we stand behind that powerful statement with the commitment to ensure that our work reflects the real stories behind our clients. Our research team carefully combs the web for information on our many clients, and tenders only the truthful facts, free of innuendo and falsehoods. Sterling reputations are important for anyone, and our work helps guarantee that for the people we write about, those reputations carry the weight of legitimacy and truth.

Mission Statement

People Files is committed to our motto: “Order and Truth in Web Redemption”. Because reputations can be the make-or-break for an individual or an organization, especially in the online environment, we know how important it is to protect those hard-earned reputations.

People Files is committed to ensuring that our clients are represented truthfully, accurately, and fairly.   We strive to protect and to maintain our clients’ reputation through our work.


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